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Where Do Your Donations Go?—REDArena

Here at Literati, we believe in the magic of reading—for all kids.

Every month when our Club Members receive their teal box of books, we invite them to fill their bookshelves with new, unique stories. We also invite them to make room for those books by sending us anything that’s gone unread lately. 

The pre-loved books help us on our mission to spread high-quality literature and encourage childhood learning throughout Central Texas. Through generous book donations, we are able to give great stories to awesome organizations such as local libraries and school districts. We also contribute stories to non-profits like Coats for Kids, BookSpring and Women’s Storybook Project of Texas

So, what impact do your books have on a child’s life? We’d love to show you.

On behalf of our Club Members, we’ve been able to donate hundreds of titles to REDArena over the past 12 months!

REDArena's community library

REDArena is a local therapy practice that serves children and adults through equine-assisted physical and occupational therapies, therapeutic riding lessons, family support, social skills groups, and reading/education programs. 

REDArena teacher encouraging a young reader

You may be thinking: Books… and horses?

Yep, you heard correctly! Club Members’ book donations specifically help the ‘RED-Y To Read’ program at REDArena. It’s a venture that aims to improve literacy, social skills, and confidence in children, while letting these kids read in a judgement-free environment. 

A huge part of encouraging young readers is about the right place, the right time, the right people. Sure, the books are important — and we like to think we send and spread some pretty great ones. But when children associate reading with warm, supportive moments in their lives, they’re more likely to carry that fondness into independent and adult reading later on.

A young reader choosing a book from RedArena's Community Library

REDArena encourages children to read with enthusiasm and joy by pairing them with certified teachers (and horses!) to make sure children are getting the most enrichment out of the program.

We couldn’t be more grateful. With our Club Members’ help, we’ve donated nearly 60,000 books so far. Your contribution truly helps us inspire lifelong learning and encourage empathetic, well-read, adventurous kids.

You can read anywhere

Want More Info?

Do you know of a worthy organization that would like to receive Literati book donations? Let us know by getting in touch with our team here.

Thank you for helping us expand childhood literacy!

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