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Five Ways to Entertain Your Kids in Quarantine

It’s the uncharted age of coronavirus and #socialdistancing, and you’re now spending a lot more time at home with your kids than you may have planned. Exciting! Exhausting! …Efficient? (Maybe not so much.) 

But the last thing you want is a 12-hour screen marathon while you learn to navigate a new always-home environment together. And although it breaks our hearts, we all know that even favorite books can grow stale. When you run out of reading, what more can you do to keep your kids off screen and engaged in meaningful, memorable activities? 

Try these five activities to keep their imaginations and curiosity alight: 

1. Build a Pillow Fort

When in doubt, return to the basics that have stood the test of time. Pillow forts can get as complex as your child’s imagination allows, and you can add a strategy element to help this activity span across a range of age groups. Sketch out blueprints to plan your fort, gather and assess your materials, and build with wild abandon. Who can design the most sturdy pillow fortress? Then—wow, is it bedtime already? 

2. Host a Readathon

Everything is infinitely more fun when it’s a challenge. How many chapters can you read today? How many books can you read this week? I dare you to read more chapters than your sister! Siblings can even read together to score extra points. Your kids will savor the rush of achieving goals—and you can treat the winner to the thrill of a new book. Or just the sweet taste of accomplishment. That’s up to you. 

3. Set Up a Treasure Hunt

How do you make familiar spaces more exciting? Turn your house into an exhilarating adventure by designing a custom scavenger hunt for your kids. Hide clues at various places around the house (and backyard, if you have one! Vitamin D is essential during times like these.) Whether you create simple or complex riddles for your kids to solve, this activity can provide hours of entertainment. Plus, there’s nothing like that payoff when they discover where X marks the spot and reveal what treasure awaits! 

4. Put On a Play

Creative endeavors are the best use of your kids’ brains while they’re out of school. Ask them to audition their favorite stuffed animals, action figures, toys and even socks to perform their very own theater production. Build a stage out of cardboard boxes, and host opening night for the whole family. Tip: their favorite Literati book can act as a great script! 

5. Create Your Own Works of Art

Feeling inspired by the art prints in your Literati boxes? Encourage your pint-sized Picasso to shoot for the moon and create their own masterpiece! Bring their vivid imaginations to life as you spend some valuable time together with paints, markers, crayons, pens, pencils, clay, or whatever they can find. Bonus points if they draw their favorite Literati character! 

Did you try any of our suggestions with your kids at home? Show and tell via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Hearing from you always makes our day.

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