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Five Bookish Crafts to Make With All Those Boxes

While we’re all doing our part to #flattenthecurve, it’s not easy. We’re adjusting to more time at home. Ordering our groceries (and everything else) online. Keeping our children inside for longer than we’d like. It can be a struggle to keep them entertained without sacrificing rules around screen time, we know.

Artsy ideas to the rescue! The best part about these? You can make them out of your Literati box, or any delivery box, and crafting materials that you likely already have on hand.

Try these five bookish crafts to help keep your kids interested in all things literary:

1. Make Your Own Books

After your child finishes reading the books in their Literati box, encourage them to become the author of their own story! Safely cut the box into two book-sized pieces, and let your child use construction paper or wrapping paper to decorate the front and back “covers” of their future literary masterpieces.

When they’re finished, for extra fun, you can grab a hole-punch and a stack of blank paper. Carefully punch two evenly spaced holes through the left side of your two covers and paper stack to create the book’s spine. Then, help them thread a piece of yarn or string through the holes, and make a knot in order to bind the book. Your kids can write their own picture books, complete with text and colorful illustrations. Feeling particularly bold? Challenge them to pen their very own chapter books.

2. Craft Colorful Bookmarks

Make dog-eared pages a thing of the past. To make a personalized bookmark, you’ll want to cut a few small rectangles (we recommend 2” x 6”) out of your teal box. Then, set your kids loose with crayons, markers, paint, stickers, or if you’re a really cool parent, glitter! Use whatever colorful materials you have around. For a finishing touch, help them thread a small piece of ribbon or yarn through the top of each bookmark. Now, it’s time to read!

3. Build Your Own Puppet Theater

The best stories seem to come alive within the pages—and now, they can come to life in your home, too. Turn your Literati box on its side and cut a sizable rectangle out, leaving just enough room around the edges for your child to draw stage curtains or set details. Next, get to work making sock puppets, finger puppets, and popsicle stick puppets.

Encourage your kids to create characters and scenes from their favorite Literati books, or put those huge imaginations to work and have them write their own scripts from scratch. Either way, you can pull the family together for opening night, and hey, that’s one weeknight or weekend evening filled!

4. DIY Character Masks

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck inside together all day. With a little imagination, you can still hang out with fairies, dragons, knights, superheroes, and more! Help them become their favorite literary characters by using your box to create wearable masks. Trace your face shapes onto the box, cut them out, and use all your art supplies to make yourselves into completely new people. Or animals. Or monsters. With these bookish crafts, your choices are truly endless.

5. Do Good With Your Literati Box

Across the country and the world, thousands of families like yours are also cooped up at home with cabin fever. But with libraries, bookstores, and schools closed, many of these families are also home without stories and educational materials of their own. If you’re using this time to do a little spring cleaning, try re-using your Literati box for good!

Pack a stack of books your kids aren’t reading or have outgrown back into your teal Literati box and use your prepaid label to ship it back to us (USPS can pick it up right from your doorstep.) We’ll spread a little cheer on your behalf and get those donated books into the hands of kids in need of a good read. We have set aside over 30,000 of our own children’s books to donate, in addition to the donations you’ve sent us. Keep them coming! We’ll take everything you’re willing to clear out. After all—kindness is infectious, too.

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