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Literati’s 14-Day Readathon Challenge

Happy April! Trying to figure out how to motivate your kids to put down the screens and read while we’re all stuck at home?

Ignite their competitive spirits with Literati’s 14-day reading challenge!

Keep us up-to-date on your progress through our social media accounts. If your child completes all 14 days (scout’s honor!), be sure to make a post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us. We’ll choose a winner to receive a free month of Literati.* <3

1. Read the first book in a series!

Discovering a new book series can help motivate children to become lifelong readers. For children reading middle grade novels, aim for a couple of chapters.

REWARD: They get to move onto the second book in the series! Find it in a Literati box or order online from a local bookstore.

2. Read outside.

Spring has finally sprung, and while we’re all responsibly social distancing, it’s important for children to spend a little time outdoors each day. Challenge your child to take their book of choice for a little reading time in the backyard or on the balcony.

REWARD: Find a small trinket—child’s binoculars, a bottle of bubbles, a bug net—that encourages your child to spend some time outdoors.

3. Ask your child to read out loud to the family or their favorite pet.

Reading aloud is an important skill for children to develop, and it can be helpful to practice in front of a loving audience.

REWARD: Listen to an interactive audiobook together! You can check one out virtually from your local library, or find one online.

4. Read a choose-your-own adventure book.

Sometimes it’s hard for children to feel engaged while they’re reading. A book that prompts them to make decisions, flip pages, and explore different endings can make reading feel like a fun game.

REWARD: Set out some explorer’s accessories (binoculars, a magnifying glass, a walking stick) that your child can use on a pretend adventure of their own.

5. Choose a book set in a different country.

While we’re all taking a break from traditional globetrotting, we can still do a bit of armchair traveling. Encourage your child to learn about a different culture through reading, and then help them do a bit of additional research after they finish the book. 

REWARD: Invite your kid to help in the kitchen as you make a recipe together from the country they read about. 

6. Read a fantasy book.

It can be soothing to escape the confusing and scary problems in the real world with a trip to an imaginary land far, far away. Choose a book set in a fantastical world, whether it’s a land with dragons or another galaxy. 

REWARD: Help your child build a blanket fort in the house that can serve as their own magical land.

7. Reread their favorite book.

When a child’s routine is upended, it can be helpful and comforting to revisit old favorites. 

REWARD: After they finish reading, get out some paper and markers, paints, or colored pencils, and let them make a piece of art featuring their favorite quote or character from the book.

8. Read a book you loved at your child’s age.

Have a short discussion with your child about the books you remember from your own childhood and how they have impacted your life. Choose your favorite and read it aloud with your child.

REWARD: Show your child some silly photos of you during childhood.

9. Read a mystery.

The game is afoot! For this reading challenge, help your child choose a picture book or a middle grade novel with a mystery at its core. 

REWARD: Set up an indoor mystery. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Leave clues around for a scavenger hunt with a reward at the end, and let your miniature detective solve the mystery.  

10. Read a poem or a book of poetry.

April is National Poetry Month, so it’s the perfect time to teach children about the joys of poetry. There are plenty of poetry picture books to choose from, and if your child is older, try a longer poem in an anthology of children’s poetry. 

REWARD: Encourage your kids to write poems of their own and give a short poetry slam performance for the family. Snaps all around!

11. Host a digital book club.

Your kids won’t be able to see their friends and classmates in person for a bit, so thank goodness for video calls! Try to coordinate with another family and choose a book for a virtual book club. After your child and their friend both finish the book, they can have a discussion. 

REWARD: Help your child set up a virtual play date with a friend.

12. Read a book about nature.

As we all wait for school to start again, it’s important to encourage kids to learn about science and nature. Ask your child to choose a book about the great outdoors. 

REWARD: If it’s possible to do safely, take your child on a short nature walk around your home. Try to identify at least three different things growing outside.

13. Read a book about a historical figure.

From nonfiction picture books about the women and men who helped launch the first space rockets to historical fiction chapter books about kings and revolutionaries, there are plenty of exciting people from history whose stories are nothing less than riveting. 

REWARD: Help your child play dress up with a historical twist. Break out the ‘70s button-ups, aviator-style sunglasses, and paisley prints!

14. Read a book about the beach.

Believe it or not, summer is on the horizon! For this final reading challenge, keep your kids excited about the future of sunny summer weather with a book that’s set by the sea. 

REWARD: Help your child visit the beach on Google Earth while you burn an ocean-scented candle. (Ice cream optional.)

As always—Long Live Literature!

*Read-a-thon ends on April 30, 2020. Contest winners will be announced in May!

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