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How to Read With Your Nova

The early school years are such a magical time for children. They are beginning to not only absorb the world around them but also to understand it. Your Nova’s little mind is making connections and weaving shining webs of intellect that will continue to expand for… well, forever. 

Logic and reason are beginning to take shape—and yet, fantasy and imagination remain vibrant. It’s an exhilarating combination that thrives in Nova more than any other age. 

Reading is a sure-fire way to stimulate and encourage both of these worlds at once. Every time you open a book, your Nova builds important cognitive skills all while embarking on new adventures that fuel their childlike wonder

What Can Books Bring Out in Your Nova?

— ✨Vocabulary

Reading to your child expands their vocabulary at any age. But your Nova, in particular, may start to recognize words as you read them. This usually happens with small words and names at first. Your child won’t have to sound these words out, they will simply know how to say the word when they see it. It’s a big, strong building block for them to start reading on their own! 

— ✨Expression 

You may notice that your Nova has been a bit dramatic lately. It’s occasionally hilarious (and occasionally not)—but it’s also important for developing a sense of self. At this age, they’ll enjoy playing characters and have fun assuming different roles. Your kid is noticing how characteristics and personalities can vary from person to person. Stories with strong characters and exciting plot twists encourage these dramatics and allow your child to explore the vast possibilities of who they can be! 

— ✨Curiosity 

Your 5-to-7-year-old is developing a more complex understanding of the world—and here come the questions. Who, what, where, when and why begin to preface everything they say. A bit annoying, it’s okay to admit, but remember: curiosity is a good thing. Questions turn into answers, which manifests as knowledge. Which makes your kid one smart cookie. Reading stories with complex plotlines and underlying lessons about life will nurture this inquisitive phase. 

— ✨Attention 

You may have thought this day would never come, but that’s the magic of reading: you’ll see a noticeable increase in attention span. Because their developing brains actually want to learn and understand things more fully, they’ll focus on things longer. Kids at this age want to stick around and see what happens. Storytime helps to nourish this expanding attention span by building that suspense as you turn each page together. Great for them. Even better for you. 

— ✨Independence 

Don’t worry, they’ll always be your baby. But with every passing day, your Nova is growing a bit more self-reliant. More and more aware of the world outside of your home. They’re beginning to see that there are bigger things in store for them. Reading books that take us outside into this world will continue to ignite your child’s drive to be exploring on their own. 

Tips on Reading with Your Nova

Sometimes, it’s as simple as sitting down with a book. Sometimes, it’s a Herculean task to get them to pay attention at all. (We get the struggle. Don’t give up!)

Here are our tips on how to make the most of storytime during this fun age! 

  • Don’t hesitate to return to the classics. They have their favorites from when they were younger, and that’s fine. Feel free to continue to read their treasured books as you also introduce new material.
  • Reading should be unquestionably, insatiably magical. Your kid is likely already learning to read at school, so you don’t need to make it a chore at home. Spark curiosity! It’s your job to make them love books, so make sure that storytime is a cozy close encounter with you that is always a good time.
  • Respect their pace. Some kids will be reading fluently at age 6. Some kids will still be actively learning. Focus less on the task at hand and more on the enjoyment. When they view reading as fun, you’ll have accomplished your mission.
  • Ask them questions. And be sure to keep the discussion open-ended: “What do you think about what happened? Why do you think this character is doing that? What would you do in that situation?” 
  • Point to words. Indicate the words you’re speaking as you read them. This will help develop sight recognition! 
  • Pay attention to pictures. Books for this age group feature more elaborate illustrations. Allow your child some time to really take in the whole visual, notice it, and talk about it.
  • Encourage predictions. Your Nova can use what they already know to try and guess what happens next. This encourages creativity and keeps things interesting! 
  • Let them lead the way. 5 to 7 is the perfect age group to bring in these small, hands-on engagements that make storytime more interactive. Let them turn pages and read the story to you, even if they can’t always read the right words.
  • Get dramatic! And invite your child to play a role in the story. 

Whether we like it or not, every child grows up. Literati makes sure that your Nova never grows out of their imagination.

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