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Rise to the Literati Summer Reading Challenge!

Ah, summer! It’s the season of sunshine and swimsuits, longer days and later bedtimes, fireflies and campfires. How will you fill your summer with books? This July and August, keep your bookish imagination alive with these reading activities:

☀️#1. ____ Read a book that takes place in the summer.

? #2. ____ Bring a book on a picnic.

? #3. ____ Paint a picture based on a favorite story.

? #4. ____ Build a fort and read inside! (Flashlight optional.)

? #5. ____ Read to a pet. (Stuffed animals count, too.)

? #6. ____ Trade a book with a friend.

? #7. ____ Read a book that makes you laugh.

? #8. ____ Take an alphabet walk! Try to find items that start with each letter of the alphabet.

? #9. ____ Read a story about a historic event.

? #10. ____ Draw an inspirational character.

? #11. ____ Write a letter or postcard to one of your favorite characters. Send it to a friend, family member, or even us at Literati! 

? #12. ____ Read a recipe—and then make something delicious.

? #13. ____ Take a book about nature, into nature!

? #14. ____ Read by the water, be it pool, lake, ocean, or splash pad.

? #15. ____ Reread an old favorite.

Huzzah for summer reading!

Completed your summer of reading? Let us know! You can click here or find the special link in your July and August Literati boxes to request your special prize.*

Most of all—have fun, little reader!

*Prizes will be mailed out early September.

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