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Introducing Literati Book Clubs—For All Readers

Never have books been more important.

Literati just started a brand new chapter. Are you ready to start yours?

For three years, we’ve curated magic every month for young readers and their families. And then we thought, why should they get all the fun? 

It’s time we brought thoughtful book curation and conversations to every reader. Fireplace readers, book-nook readers, before-bed readers, on-the-train readers—even internet-addicted-where-did-my-brain-go-need-to-start-again readers. 

No matter where you fit into that mix, know that you are welcome here. We created this experience just for you. You are loved simply for your desire to be open to the mysterious and expansive power of a great book.

What’s the best part about reading together? We can think of a few. Extra motivation. Fits of laughter. Intriguing asides. What ideas deeply move you? What sorts of thoughts do you scribble in your margins? We want to know.

You will be asked to read one book each month. Like anything else in life, you can choose to keep it shallow or choose to go deep. We are here to nudge you towards the latter. 

Who are we? We are Literati. 

And we’ll never be the same without you.

Jessica Ewing
CEO, Literati

PS— You’ll find all the magic of our children’s book clubs, but with a sparkling new name: Literati Kids. Please note that Literati and Literati Kids are siblings but not identical twins. You’ll need to make a new account to join the new book clubs.

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