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Literati Teams Up with Little Free Library to Promote Children’s Literacy

Here at Literati, we’re passionate about helping as many kids discover the joy of reading as we can. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Little Free Library—the world’s most popular book-sharing nonprofit—to form a pilot program to help increase access to high-quality books for kids in our hometown of Austin, Texas.

On a 107-degree day in Austin, we launched the first-ever Literati Kids Library—painted in our signature Literati teal by our stellar volunteers—in collaboration with book-loving locals. As our Little Free Library program expands, we hope to find many more passionate stewards to help us reach kids across the country. Interested in joining in? We have two options for Little Free Library veterans and newcomers alike!

Existing Library Stewards

Photo by Alex Furley

Already the proud owner of a Little Free Library? Without making any major renovations to your current setup, you can join our Existing Stewards program and dedicate your library to advancing early childhood literacy. We’ll send you a “Literati Kids Edition” window cling, and you’ll get a special discount towards Literati Kids subscriptions for your friends and family.

Donated Library Stewards

Photo by Alex Furley

Have you always dreamed of having a Little Free Library of your own? Are you interested in our new program? Visit our Literati Kids Edition Libraries page to fill out an inquiry form and see if you qualify to host one of our special libraries. As one of our hand-picked Donated Library Stewards, you’ll receive a Literati Kids library—painted our signature teal and illustrated with the Literati hot air balloon kids.

Find a Literati Little Free Library

Want to track down Literati Kids Libraries near you? Search Little Free Library’s World Map

The Power of Books

All kids deserve access to quality children’s books, especially in today’s challenging and uncertain climate. Libraries are either closed or operating with limited resources, and schools may or may not be starting in person where you live. That’s why this exciting partnership with Little Free Library—and with all of our dedicated stewards—will help us reach more children than ever. We’re determined to get our Literati Kids Libraries into communities with historically marginalized populations so that all children can harness the brain-boosting benefits of literacy. “Growing up, we didn’t have a lot, but Mom made sure we always had books,” says Literati Partnerships Manager Vanessa Castañeda. “Through books, I discovered people, cultures, and professions that I didn’t know existed.”

Our littlest volunteer helps to paint a Literati Kids Library. Photo by Rikki Raquel Photography

The goal of this partnership with the Little Free Library nonprofit is to make a tangible difference in kids’ lives by connecting them with vibrant books that will introduce them to new worlds of possibility. It is our hope that the Literati Kids Library program inspires more kids to fall in love with reading.

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