Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your membership includes access to all book clubs and discussions from Luminaries and other members in the Literati app. (Yes, really.) Spend all day lurking if you want; we won’t judge.

Discuss specific chapters or topics in the Literati app. Your Club's Luminary will guide the discussion. We also have monthly Ask The Author events, which are held live on Zoom and YouTube.

Luminaries announce new book selections on the 15th of every month. We ship books on the 18th of the month.

If you want to swap a club, email us at by the 18th of the month. You'll be able to do that in the iOS and Android app soon.

Email us at to manage your account. (You'll be able to do this in the Literati app soon.) Please connect with us before the 18th of the month to ensure that your hard copy of the book is shipped to the correct location.

Since annual memberships are offered at a discount, they remain active until 12 books are delivered. However, you can skip a month or switch your Luminary club any time to receive a different genre of book during your annual membership.

Absolutely! Sign up for as many clubs as you like. Just remember that you’ll get one book per month for every club you’re in. You might want to clear your calendar.

For assistance with a Luminary subscription, email our Customer Support team at

Questions about Gift Subscriptions

When you buy a gift subscription, you choose which club to gift. Your gift recipient will confirm that they want to be in that club when they activate the subscription. No matter how many deliveries are included in your gift, club members can switch clubs at any time. Discover a new genre each month!

Of course! We love discovering new book genres too! Your Luminary gift subscription is good for any Luminary book club. (Kids gifts are here

Email us at Tell us a bit about yourself, and what kind of club you want to create, so we send your email to the right person.