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Frequently Asked Questions

Your book club's Luminary will get the discussion started each month in the Literati app. Open your Literati app to dive into a book discussion. Discuss specific chapters or reply to a thread. We also have monthly Ask The Author events, which are held live on YouTube. Keep an eye on your inbox for the next video event announcement, so you can participate!

Of course! Your Literati membership is designed to help you discover new books. When you become a customer, use your Literati Book Clubs app to change clubs anytime.

When you buy a gift subscription, you choose which club to gift. Your gift recipient will confirm that they want to be in that club when they activate the subscription. No matter how many deliveries are included in your gift, club members can switch clubs at any time. Discover a new genre each month!

Use the Literati app or our website to update your book delivery address. In the app: Login to your Literati app. Tap on the profile icon. Then tap on the "Manage my account" tile. The on-screen prompts will guide you from there. On the website: Login to your Literati Luminary account. In the Plans section, look for your Shipping info. Click the word "Edit" under your address. Then type in your new address.

We ship books to you mid month (between the 18th and the 25th), so you'll have it in time for next month's book discussion. (USPS has been unpredictable lately. We'll send you tracking numbers via email to keep you in the loop.) Book discussions start on the first of the month.

Your Book Club's Luminary will choose a new book to read each month. Keep an eye on your email inbox for the next book pick announcement. We usually send those on the 15th of the month.

Join a Literati Luminary book club for $25 a month. Save 20% on a yearly subscription. Annual members enjoy Literati membership for $20 a month. The membership will be active until 12 books are delivered.

Yes, your Literati Luminary membership includes access to all book clubs in our app. You can dive into discussions guided by other book club Luminaries or spend all day lurking if you want; we won’t judge.

Absolutely! Sign up for as many clubs as you like. Just remember that you’ll get one book per month for every club you’re in. You might want to clear your calendar.

Annual memberships are active until 12 books are delivered. Instead of saying goodbye, try skipping a month or switching your book club to get a different genre of book. It'll be fun! You can do all these things in the Literati app btw.

Not yet—but we hope to include international readers in book discussions soon. Email us at to get put on the list of people we'll notify as soon as we go international.

Email us at Tell us a bit about yourself, and what kind of club you want to create, so we send your email to the right person.