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What type of books does Malala curate for her Literati Book Club?

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Set against London's rich cultural tapestry, Zadie Smith's transcendent debut novel White Teeth explores self-definition and displacement. How do we choose to shape our lives, with the influence of fate, heritage, family, and society's expectations?

The Dancing Girls of Lahore by Louise Brown

In this book, you’ll meet a variety of real people who run the colorful streets of Lahore, Pakistan: cooks, cleaners, shop keepers, imams and school children. But at the heart of this story are dancers struggling to hold onto their culture—and brilliant, resourceful women fighting to overcome a system set against them.

Other Words for Home by Jasmin Warga

A young girl from Syria must leave her idyllic home by the sea after violence tears through the region. Written in poetic free verse, hers is a story of life-changing displacement that glitters with realism and hope. A 2020 Newbery finalist.

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Fifty Words for Rain by Asha Lemmie

A dazzling epic of identity, family ties, and breaking free. Fifty Words for Rain follows Nori, the abandoned child of a married, Japanese aristocrat and her African-American GI lover. Nori is an outsider, confined to an attic and forced by her grandparents to comply with bleach baths to lighten her skin. But when her older half-brother Akira visits unannounced, the two form a strong bond, and Nori begins to glimpse—and reach for—the potential her life could hold.

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

Need a moment of literary self-indulgence? A lighthearted escape into an unexpected romance—complete with a meet-cute? (We thought so.) This book is a feel-good treat for anyone who enjoys a quick, flirty storyline. It’s also refreshingly modern, with an interracial couple at the core and a sharp, independent heroine you’ll fall for, too.

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