4 Books for Finding Your Center

Craving a little more ritual to your mornings? Or feeling lost in the jungle-gym of modern career paths? Maybe you’re just feeling a bit meh and are looking for new ways to enrich your life, inside and outside?

The good news is, this is a well-trodden path—and humanity has found answers in all kinds of places.

No matter your background, you can find life fulfillment that’s uniquely yours. Kick off your journey with Literati’s best spiritual books, from Buddhist stories to novels of self-discovery. These reads will not only engage your mind, body, and soul—they’ll also offer you a greater sense of tranquility, direction, and healing.

#1 The Spell of the Sensuous David Abram

When’s the last time you felt dirt under your toes? Fresh water on your skin? Sand in your hair?

Long ago, humans saw themselves as part of nature, not separate from it. In this Joseph Campbell Foundation book club pick, David Abram explores when and why this shift occurred—and how we can heal our crucial relationship to earth’s magic. Learn more about ancient cultures, traditional rituals, and the spirituality of nature with The Spell of the Sensuous

You may find yourself more attuned to the world around you (and the spiritual world within you) than ever before. 

#2 Old Path White Clouds – Thich Nhat Hanh

Sharing information is useful. But sharing a story? That’s impactful—which explains how Thich Nhat Hanh so effectively shares the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

Pulling from records across Asia, Old Path White Clouds meticulously studies Buddhism’s founder from the perspective of Savasti, a young buffalo boy. Through the eyes of a fellow student, you’ll learn the teachings from Buddha’s eighty years on earth before his enlightened departure. 

More novel than textbook, this Joseph Campbell Foundation pick for the Myth and Meaning book club will jumpstart your spiritual education. 

#3 The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Odds are, you’ve already heard of Paulo Coelho’s seminal novel—and for good reason. It’s a timeless exploration of all things incalculable, heartfelt, and based in faith.

The Alchemist follows the life of Santiago, a former shepherd determined to travel the globe and discover its treasures. Omens, signs, and opportunity all shape Santiago’s path as he learns the inherent magic of this gift called life. It’s a dazzling novel of devotion that teaches us how the world always has room for our dreams—even for the smallest shepherd. 

Get swept away in this novel and remind yourself how precious and profound the gift of life truly is. 

#4 The Power of Ritual – Arundhati Roy

“Empty spirituality” has replaced religion—or so the culture critics cry. The Power of Ritual book is here to prove otherwise and transform your life in the process.

With careful research and sharp writing, Casper ter Kuile shows how daily habits give us purpose and reassurance, the way religion did for centuries. From morning walks to nightly journaling, “spirituality” is actually code for the grounding rituals we weave into modern life. After this book, you’ll see that weekly yoga class in a whole new light.

Find Your Own Fulfillment with Literati’s Book Clubs

These four books just dip a toe into the river of spiritual guidance. Start with one selection, and let your curiosity roam—your life journey awaits.
For more life-changing stories, dive into Literati’s Book Clubs! Members unlock a themed selection from world-renowned authors and visionaries, ranging from beach-friendly reads to true tales of adversity.

Explore worlds upon worlds with Literati, and feel your own worldview expand.

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