Best Literati Luminary Books of 2020

Between work-from-home life and a sparse social calendar, there was almost too much time to read in 2020. But when your brain is fried from Zoom calls, choosing a book can feel like hiking Mt. Everest with your “To Be Read” pile strapped to your back (ow…my calves…). 

Don’t worry—our team at Literati has your back (or should we say, your book spine). To narrow your choices, we’ve got our top Luminary Club books of 2020. From sweeping historical fiction to the best biographies, these books are guaranteed page turners.

Blow the dust off the cover and rekindle your reading with Literati’s best books of 2020!

From Richard Branson’s Book Club – Mandela’s Way by Richard Stengel

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If you finished fourth grade history class, you probably know Nelson Mandela and his extraordinary legacy. But do you actually know Mandela the man

Author Richard Stengel (a longtime confidant of Mandela) provides this rare, intimate glimpse at a one-of-a-kind activist. Mandela’s Way sharply translates Mandela’s words into 15 vital lessons, sprinkled with tales of his South African upbringing and life. The result is a dose of wisdom that’s short and sweet, but never shallow.   

Get ready for a life-changing conversation with one of our world’s greatest heroes. Chosen by Luminary and business mogul Richard Branson, Mandela’s Way is a burst of inspiration that we all could use to hop out of bed on Monday morning.

From Stephen Curry’s Book Club – A Team of Their Own by Seth Berkman

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Tucked snuggly on the shelf for Luminary Stephen Curry’s book club, this book will make you want to reach out across your network to see what amazing connections you can make to change the world. 

An actress, a store clerk, a high schooler… not obvious picks for an Olympic ice hockey team. Yet somehow, this hodgepodge squad overcame an international feud via the power of sportsmanship—and won hearts across the globe.

It’s the 2018 Winter Olympics, and host South Korea makes an unprecedented choice. For their first women’s ice hockey team, players from South Korea, the USA, Canada, and even North Korea will unite—a partnership unseen since the Korean War. On an icy stage, these women must bring their A-game for the sake of hockey and diplomacy.

With Seth Berkman’s in-depth reporting, A Team of Their Own captures the extraordinary teamwork of these diverse women, bringing individuality and spark to each player. In the end, it’s clear that no rivalry can beat determination and friendship. 

From the Joseph Campbell Foundation Book Club – King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Douglas Gillette, Robert L. Moore

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Haven’t you heard? Toxic masculinity is so last year. Say goodbye to the Marlboro Man, and hello to benevolent kings. For a more complete, mature definition of masculinity, we must explore our rich cultural history—enter King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

A Joseph Campbell Foundation book club selection, this mythological dissection consults the past to redirect masculinity’s future. Dissecting Jungian figures, Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette argue that masculinity is not a violent force. Au contraire, it’s a creative and nurturing power. 

Take a dive into the four male archetypes—King (just and orderly), Warrior (assertive and active), Magician (healing and transformative), and Lover (connected and caring). Through these symbolic roles, both men and women can explore their masculine spirit. 

From Malala’s Book Club – Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga

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To Jude, Syria is the only home she’s known. But when violence looms near, Jude must flee to safety with her mother—only safety means Cincinnati, Ohio. 

From loud cars to American high school, Jude has never experienced culture shock quite like this. New relatives? Musical auditions? And why do people keep calling her “Middle Eastern?” Now an outsider, Jude faces the utmost immigrant challenge—rediscovering your own identity in a foreign land. 

A Malala Yousafa pick for her Fearless book club, Other Words for Home sparks as much sympathy as it does joy. You’ll be charmed by Jasmine Warga’s lyrical verse, as she pulls from her own Cincinnati childhood. Sing along with this heartwarming journey of bravery and cultural identity.

From Susan Orleans’ Book Club – News of the World by Paulette Jiles

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Selected by Luminary and novelist Susan Orlean (who knows a thing or two about thrilling stories) for her book club, News of the World will grab you by the bootstraps. Saddle up for this captivating historical fiction novel—you’ll gallop right through the pages.

In 1870 America, the road is dangerous and unpredictable territory. That doesn’t stop Captain Kyle Kidd from enjoying his nomad life across North Texas. But suddenly, the Captain’s untethered life finds a purpose—all due to one unruly orphan, Johanna. 

Rambunctious ten-year-old Johanna has no recollection of her family, or even the English language. Raised by the Kiowa tribe, she’s now forced to join distant relatives in San Antonio. And for a $50 bounty, Kidd must guide her safely there.

Traveling across Texas, the unlikely duo face danger at every turn of the road. Soon enough, they realize that coexisting isn’t enough to survive—they must learn to trust each other. 

Start on the Right Page with Our Reader Favorites 

Think of reading like starting a logfire—sometimes, you just need the right spark. And with Literati’s Luminary book clubs, you’ll have enough sparks to create an ever-burning passion for reading!

Each Luminary book club subscription includes a book hand-chosen by Luminaries like Malala Yousafzai and Stephen Curry. Each month, you can enjoy access to online discussion forums, book guides, exclusive interviews with authors and Luminaries, and so much more! Join this amazing community of voracious and fiery readers and be guided through some of the most extraordinary books being published today.

Your mind is the tinder, and we’re the match—your year can start burning a lot brighter with Literati’s Luminary book clubs!

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