5 Adventure Books for Fearless Novas

When your child is gearing up for adventure, what do they stash in their backpack? Maybe a pair of sturdy boots? Their favorite snacks? A grappling hook? 

Oof, that backpack is getting heavy. Travel light into new worlds by introducing your child to some amazing adventure books. 

After all, every fearless traveler knows the most exciting experiences can happen between the pages of captivating narratives. Stash the grappling hook, keep the snacks, and settle down for transportive adventure with these books, handpicked for your 5-7 year old (aka our Club Nova kids) by the experts at Literati.

Read on to find five books your kid will love discovering. 

The Circus Ship

Acrobats swinging, the smell of popcorn in the air, elephants and tigers doing incredible tricks. What could possibly be more exciting than the circus? 

Well, what if we put that circus on a massive boat in the middle of the ocean? And then watched that boat wash ashore on an unsuspecting town?

Chris Van Dusen doesn’t disappoint with this adventure-filled masterpiece. Loosely based on a real historical event, this book follows a cruise ship of circus animals that becomes acquainted with a town of suspicious locals—spoiler alert: they become the best of friends. 

Your Nova will love this book if they love…

  • Awesome alliteration and brilliant rhyme
  • Stories about friendship and community
  • Gorgeous art depicting wild animals

Adventures in Busy Places

You want your child to experience the whole wide, wonderful world. But when it’s too cold to go to the park or your next vacation is a ways away, that goal may seem out of reach. So how do you show your child new places and educate them about the world without leaving your living room?

One of the best books for five-year-olds (and up) with the travel bug, Adventures in Busy Places provides a safe way for your child to lose themselves in extraordinary cities across the world. Keep your kid busy for hours with reusable stickers and 48 pages of artistic activity. Your child can explore Brazil, China, London, and more—as well as the bustling subways, lush forests, and complex cityscapes that make each place unique. 

You’ll have a world traveler on your hands by the time your elementary schooler is done stickering, coloring, and puzzling their way across the globe.

Your Nova will love this book if they love…

  • Long car, bus, and plane rides
  • Learning about new cultures
  • Cool stickers that can be unstuck!

Violet the Pilot

This one’s for the inventors, pilots, and kids with their heads in the clouds. Amelia Earheart’s got nothing on Violet Van Winkle!

Violet is a young girl with a powerful brain—tinkering with household appliances at two years old, and inventing high flying machines by the time she’s eight. If someone breaks it, Violet can fix it!

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Steve Breen brings us into Violet’s complicated but beautiful world. Watch your child fall in love with their new favorite hero in this tale of a high-flying inventor and her sidekick pup, Orville!

Your 5-7 Year Old will love this book if they love…

  • Stories about brainy, spunky young girls
  • Science, math, and machines
  • Adorable animal sidekicks

Dragon Post

If your kid does a happy dance whenever a piece of mail arrives with their name on it, we’ve got a special delivery just for them—Dragon Post. 

Alex finds a dragon living in the cupboard under his stairs—thankfully, he knows just who to go to. In this charming book, our main character writes letters about his perplexing situation to the fire brigade, butcher, his best friend, and more. 

Your child will love opening the five actual envelopes included in the book which reveal letters to Alex, including a letter from the dragon himself!

Your Kindergartener, First Grader, or Second Grader will love this book if they love…

  • Dragons and magical creatures
  • Mail and letters
  • Interactive books they can revisit again and again

Stairway to Doom: A Miss Mallard Mystery

Disappearing guests. A mysterious will. The revenge … of a ghost

Spooked yet? Don’t fret! Whatever is going on at this castle in Scotland, our courageous detective, Miss Mallard, is determined to figure it out. And your mini-Sherlock at home will be, too.

Read along with your kid on a dark and stormy night to unravel this thrilling installment in the Miss Mallard series. 

Your Nova will love this book if they love…

  • Puzzles and mysteries
  • Crime-solving animals
  • Spooky mansions

Astonishing Adventure with Literati

Your little elementary schooler is ready to embark on one of the most important adventures of their lives: discovering their love of books and reading. Literati Kids’ handpicked books guarantee that the journey there will be a smooth (and fun!) one. 

With a Literati Kids subscription, your child gets to explore five new books every month, along with sensational literary swag like themed art and personalized bookplates. Like souvenirs from their many journeys, you only have to keep the books your child loves the most. 

Learn, explore, and adventure with Literati’s Club Nova, the best book club for kids ages 5-7!

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