5 Chapter Books Your 4th-Grader Will Love

Take a look at your favorite novels and you might see the tell-tale signs of a much-loved book: folded page corners, bent spines, tiny tears, and maybe even a few little stains from when your hunger to read equalled your hunger to snack. These kinds of crinkles and wrinkles are exactly what you want to see on your fourth-grader’s chapter books. 

So, if your child’s books look a little too pristine, you might need to introduce a few more eye-catching stories to their collection. 

To get the chapter-book ball rolling, sometimes you just need a boost of sparkle and fun—Literati is here to provide that magic! From bewitching fantasy to enthralling true stories, our Club Phoenix selections will smoothly guide your fourth-grader to a newfound love of chapter books.

A “Tail” of Survival & Belonging

A Wolf Called Wander

If your child loves taking the family dog on imaginative adventures through the wilderness (i.e. the park), they will love snuggling up with A Wolf Called Wander.

Follow the heartfelt (and true!) story of Swift, a young wolf on an incredible quest to find home. Separated from his family by a rival pack, Swift musters his intelligence and bravery to chart his way back across the brutal Pacific Northwest wilderness. 

Rosanne Parry’s special blend of picture and story makes for one of the best early chapter books for fourth-graders. Black-and-white illustrations support comprehension, while a map displays the actual journey of the story’s real wolf inspiration. Plus, the gripping tale of survival will have your own little explorer at the edge of their seat!

Reading Love Between the Lines

Dear Sister

MOM! She took the last cookie!

Stop poking me!

Give it baaaack!

Growing up with a sibling always involves a few less-than-friendly encounters. But at the end of the day, all brothers and sisters recognize the unbreakable love underlying these squabbles—a lesson Dear Sister wisely provides.

In a series of hilariously creative letters, our narrator pens all the grievances he has with his little sister. Whining about the dark? Annoying. Hair pulling? UGH! But with a little time and some perspective, he slowly realizes just how much he loves her.

Kids with siblings (or just a love of mail) will delight in this refreshing take on the chapter book format. Scribbled fonts and comic illustrations bring an eye-popping layer to this early chapter book. With its first-person, diary-esque tone, Dear Sister will draw young readers into a relatable tale of family love.

Sneaky Reading for the Young Sleuth


Does your child’s toy box boast the kid detective essentials like magnifying glasses, a bubble pipe, and Holmes-esque hat? Then Framed! is the perfect action-packed chapter book for your budding gumshoe.

Florian Bates has just moved to Washington, and he’s absorbing his new hometown through a self-made theory, TOAST (the Theory of All Small Things). What should he order for lunch? Which color folder is best for math class? TOAST takes care of it all.

But after sharing TOAST with his new friend Margaret, Florian suddenly has an urgent caller—the FBI. Mystery ensues in this thrilling detective story, as Florian must use TOAST to solve a criminal case and his homework.

Even without visuals, James Ponti’s criminal case will enthrall young readers. Strong friendships, high stakes, and sharp twists leave not a single dull moment between pages.

A Double Dose of Humor and Mischief 

The Terrible Two

If you’ve ever had to double-check your stash of Oreos for toothpaste filling, confiscate whoopie cushions before dinner, or remove a “Kick Me!” sign from various family members (including yourself), then you might want to add The Terrible Two to your child’s reading list!

Kids love a good prank. And in The Terrible Two, they’ll find a relatable protagonist with a similar affection for gut-busting mischief.

Miles Murphy is the reigning Prank King of his grade—that is, until he moves to a different school. Facing new rival jokesters, Miles plots to win back his crown, even if it means an all-out prank war.

This graphic hybrid novel brings a light-hearted approach to chapter book reading. And with its exploration of social hierarchies, The Terrible Two is one of the best books for 10-year-olds gearing up for middle school.

Bringing History Alive with New Friends

The Egypt Game

Around fourth grade, children start to explore the fascinating world of ancient history. Sweeping tales of lost civilizations, magnificent monuments, majestic divinities—it’s a recipe for an epic adventure. 

Or, in the case of The Egypt Game, a so-good-you-can’t-put-it-down book.

In this Newbery Honor selection, protagonists Melanie and April bond over their love for ancient Egypt. In a desolate storage yard, they play their own history-exploring Egypt Game.

But as a few mysterious (and costumed) friends join, the girls begin to wonder—is it still just a game?

Intelligent and mystical, The Egypt Game will fascinate all young readers. Take the leap into chapter books and ancient history with this amazing tale of unlikely friendships and imagination.

Charting New Territory with Chapter Books from Literati

In today’s world of endless screens, getting any book into your kid’s hands can feel impossible.

But at Literati, we trust in the extraordinary power of story. With the right book, reading doesn’t have to be frustrating or boring—it can be a transformative pastime. 

Give your fourth-grader the best chapter books with a subscription to our Club Phoenix. Each monthly book box comes with five amazing books and personalized surprises! Keep the books your child loves and send back what they don’t. 

They’ll look forward to their Literati Kids book box every month and you’ll be giving them a gentle boost up the reading ladder. Pretty soon, they’ll be picking up chapter books all on their own—and begging you to read their favorites!

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