Adventure Girl Stories for Every Age

Every book-loving little girl remembers the first story that taught her that she could be anything. Daring scientist or mighty knight, sleuthing detective or courageous princess, high-flying astronaut or even hero of the school cafeteria! 

Those first stories a girl reads can set the stage for a lifetime of adventure, wherever the journey takes her. 

The best kids’ books transport little readers to a new galaxy of imagination, where they learn that they can slay (or hey, even befriend!) their own dragons. That’s why our Literati curation experts have compiled this guide of books featuring adventurous and empowering heroines for children from infants to tweens.

This Little Scientist: A Discovery Primer: Holub, Joan, Roode, Daniel:  9781534401082: Books

This Little Scientist: A Discovery Primer

For Ages 0-3

It’s never too early to set your little girl up to become a Nobel Prize-winning scientist!

The best books for babies are colorful and engaging, and This Little Scientist: A Discovery Primer certainly fits the bill. 

Showcasing 10 trailblazing scientists, this board book will delight your toddler with its bright colors and adorable illustrations. From primatologist Jane Goodall to naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian, this exciting board book will introduce your daughter to the wonderful world of science.

We love this book because: 

  • It includes groundbreaking but less-well-known scientists, like Maria Sibylla Merian, whose stories have been obscured by history.
  • The diversity of the scientists included means that your child will be sure to find someone that looks like them!
Snow Queen Magic Painting Book: 9780794541392: Books

Snow Queen Magic Painting Book

For Ages 3-5

Forget Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty—your daughter will love the courage and spirit of a new fairy tale heroine, Gerda, in one of the best fairy tales you haven’t heard of. 

A retelling of Han Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, this book introduces us to Gerda, who fights to save her best friend from the evil Snow Queen.

Snow Queen Magic Painting Book includes 15 black-and-white illustrations that transform into a rainbow of colors with the swipe of a damp brush. Reading will surely seem magical when your daughter sees this story book come to life. 

We love this book because: 

  • It’s a fairy tale classic with modern themes, as Gerda gets to be the hero of her own story.
  • Your little one will come away with an important lesson that very few fairy tales impart—the power of friendship!
  • Painting enhances the beauty and fun of this book.
Fiona's Luck: Bateman, Teresa, Murphy, Kelly: 9781570916434:  Books

Fiona’s Luck

For Ages 5-7

This entrancing story transports readers to the Emerald Isle, where all is not quite well. The luck has run out in Ireland and only one girl has what it takes to save the entire island from the cunning Leprechaun King!

Fiona’s Luck combines charming illustrations with an Irish folktale about Fiona, a young girl whose clever charades help her outsmart the Leprechaun King and restore the good fortune of the Emerald Isle.

Fiona proves to readers that luck isn’t everything—smarts, heart, and courage are all a girl needs to tackle any obstacle. 

We love this book because: 

  • Fiona proves time and time again that the mind is the most powerful weapon.
  • It brings a little girl power to the folktales of yore. 

El Deafo

For Ages 7-9

What’s your daughter’s superpower? Is it her wacky knock-knock jokes? Her kindness? Her ability to always find the birthday gifts you’ve so carefully hidden? 

Maybe her superpower is disguised as something that makes her stand out from the rest.

In the quirky graphic novel El Deafo, bunny Cece finds herself to be a social outcast at her new school because of her hearing aid.

Cece quickly realizes, however, that she can hear every teacher in the school no matter where they are. Knowledge is power, so Cece becomes “El Deafo,” Listener for All—but being a superhero might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Can she use her new powers to complete the ultimate mission: making a friend? That’s for your little reader to find out. 

We love this book because: 

  • It celebrates our differences and is a wonderful conversation starter with your child.
  • The illustrations are silly and fun, but the story is incredibly riveting.

August Isle

For Ages 9-12

Your little adventurer might be fearless when it comes to scary stories, things that go bump in the night, or even the scariest thing of all—visits to the dentist.

But would she go into a haunted lighthouse to solve a mystery?

August Isle is perfect for your little sleuth!

Miranda has spent her whole life gazing at the picture-perfect postcards of August Isle, Florida, the town where her mother spent her summers. But when Miranda finally gets the opportunity to visit, she finds a web of mysteries hidden behind the sunshine and sand of August Isle.

We love this book because: 

  • It’s engaging and intriguing; the best books for kids reel them in with a clever mystery and build a lifelong love of reading.
  • The more mature themes of loss and healing will help your reader transition into more advanced children’s books.

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