Best Activity Books for Ages 7-9

When it comes to activities for your kid’s leisure time, it can seem like reading doesn’t stand a chance against the attention-grabbing bright colors and sounds of technology. Guess what! We can prove to your kids that some books aren’t just as good as TV or video games—they’re so much better!

We’ve compiled a list of activity books for kids so excitingly engaging, so decidedly distracting that kids become immersed in their own little world. And hey, if it happens to be educational, that’s even better.

This list of the best books for second graders through fourth graders (the age group for our Club Sage) can help you engage your child’s young mind and cultivate an early love for reading. 

Take that, Candy Crush!

1. Little Children’s Space Activity Book

The title pretty much says it all. Simple but engaging, this book is full of space-centric activities to keep your children occupied for hours. 

Rebecca Gilpin’s colorful pages contain brain-teasing puzzles, search-and-find challenges, opportunities for drawing, coloring, and doodling, plus an abundance of stickers to paste throughout the book. It’s a book set in space, and it’s its own universe. 

Your child can learn about the great unknown while unleashing their creative energy.

For like-minded Sages: If you have a space enthusiast on your hands, check out a few more of our favorite astronomical activity books:

  • Find Your Way in Space – The Zeebles have crash-landed and need your help! Grab your little space cadet and choose your transport—jet pack, UFO, or space camel (yep, that’s a thing!)—then use the book as a map to make your rescue. They’ll have this one—and some new-found cartography skills—on (air)lock. 
  • 501 Space Joke-tivities – The most fun way to learn about space is through a wacky collection of jokes, riddles, puzzles, cartoons, and giggle-inducing activities that will entertain not just your child but their entire audience (even if you’re the only person in their audience).

2. National Parks of the USA: Activity Book

This book lets you embark on a road trip without ever leaving the couch!

From Pacific to Atlantic, there are so many hidden gems to explore. This activity book brings the country’s most stunning adventure spots—the best of the best National Parks—right into your living room. Your child will love the beautiful illustrations, fascinating fun facts, and interactive components like the “Can you spot this…?” challenges.

For like-minded Sages: Once you’ve seen the major National Parks, it might be time to explore the rest of what this country has to offer. The 50 States: Activity Book takes you on a cross-country journey filled with state trivia, picture puzzles, connect-the-dots, and fold-out maps and stickers to play around with.

3. Write and Draw Your Own Comics

Engage your child’s inner cartoonist with this amazing how-to activity book. Author Louie Stowell provides step-by-step instructions, as well as tips and tricks about storytelling, character development, and stylized drawing. 

The book also comes with stickers to add a little extra flair to their comic strip creations.

For like-minded Sages: If all your child wants to do is put pen to paper, bolster their creative energy with Doodle Adventures: The Rise of the Rusty Robo-Cat! The Rusty Robo-Cat is taking over the city, and only Carl the duck (and your kid and a trusty pen) can stop them. It’s a comic book where you get to draw the action, and it’s a rip-roaring, great-for-indoor-days, no-limit-but-the-sky story adventure. 

4. Never Get Bored Book

Activity books are the ultimate antidote to childhood boredom—so much so that the creators of this book actually put it in the title.

But they weren’t bluffing. 

This jam-packed activity arsenal includes 128 pages of ideas, including shadow puppet shows, sketching prompts, word games, picture puzzles, brain-teasers, and beyond. 

And if your kid tears through the pages in no time at all? There are even more activities online at the links provided within the book. Seriously, they’ll Never Get Bored with this ultimate find.

For like-minded Sages: The little puzzle-solvers in your life will love these activity books as much as we do:

  • Maze Quest History: Travel Through Time! – It’s a puzzle book to end all puzzle books—an epic of time-travel and incredible adventure, with 48 mesmerizing mazes to capture your attention! Your reader will learn facts about dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and the first moon landing while having the time of their lives. (We won’t tell them they’re learning if you don’t.)  
  • 100 Logic Puzzles – Enjoy puzzles, games, and activities galore! With 100 unique to-dos, your child will have to crack codes, solve riddles, draw seemingly impossible shapes, and more. Between the individual and group activities inside, you’ll get hours and hours of preoccupation out of this top choice. 

Turn Books Into the Ultimate Activity

Some of the best kids books of all time are out there waiting to entertain your children and instill an early love of reading. You’ll need a way to find those books, especially If your dream is to one day sit across from your kiddos, each of you with a warm cup of tea and an all-time favorite book in your lap.

Easier said than done—except with Literati’s Club Sage subscription box. Your kids will be so enamored with their new favorite activity books that you’ll finally be able to tear through your “To-Read” pile.

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