Best Educational Books for Babies

A is for applesauce, B is for a baby’s babbling, and C is for the cutie pie who loves listening to stories!

Even though it’ll be a while before your bundle of joy will master their ABCs, reading with your child is a wonderful way to introduce them to the magic of books and start expanding their growing minds.

Reading at this age isn’t just about getting your child used to the shapes of letters on a page—it’s precious bonding time for you and your little one that will pave the way for a lifetime excitement for reading.

To keep babies engaged, you’ll need books with a little razzle dazzle and a lot of sensory interaction. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of the best kids books for teaching early-life lessons.

A B See – Learning the Alphabet

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What makes A B See one of the best picture books for babies? It’s Where’s Waldo meets I Spy for little ones! Every page contains a beautiful letter graphic filled with tiny illustrations of alphabetic items. Look out for the apple or arrow inside “A,” or catch the zebra inside “Z.”

Babies will never tire of searching these packed, colorful collages. A B See is perfect for teaching the ABCs. 

Skills and Lessons from A B See:

  • Associating letters with specific shapes and sounds
  • Letters as the building blocks for words
  • Sharpening “I spy” skills on each page, which can help their visual acuity skills off the page!

Peek-a-Flap Zoo – For the Animal Lover 

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Your little one has their very own wild side, whether they’re climbing all over you during cuddle time like a little squirrel monkey or splashing happily at bath time like a baby seal. Help your wild one discover amazing and adorable animals (a lot like them!) with Peek-a-Flap: Zoo.

From the safari to the Arctic, adorable illustrations capture the animals in their natural habitats. Clear name labels also highlight each furry, feathery, or scaly friend, helping to expand your child’s vocabulary. 

And the best part? 

Each of the twelve interactive flap pages opens to share special animal facts. Babies can both improve their motor skills and learn more about the zoo creatures they love. 

Open the “flap” door and take a journey down this tactile and colorful world of animals!

Skills and Lessons from Peek-a-Flap Zoo:

  • Learning the differences between animals based on physical and character traits
  • Strengthening fine motor skills with page-turning and flap-opening

Nibbles: Numbers – Beginning to Count

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Meet Nibbles, the adorable, number-chomping monster! He’ll guide your child through the magical world of counting with his hunger for a tasty number. (Or two. Or three.)

With its thick board pages, this tactile adventure is a perfect introduction to numbers. As Nibbles eats his way from one to 10, you can see and touch numbered “bite marks” on each page. Through touch memory, young readers will be counting in no time.

If your child adores Nibbles (and who wouldn’t?), there’s plenty more to keep the fun going. Emma Yarlett has created a whole series of Nibbles adventures, including everything from dinosaurs to fairy tales. Start with Nibbles: Numbers to help your baby make a lasting educational pal. It’s one of our absolute favorites. 

Skills and Lessons from Nibbles: Numbers

  • Practicing numbers (1-10)
  • The power of learning through the senses
  • And of course, you and your little one will learn the fun of making gobbling noises together with each page!

Rainbow Colors – Loving Shades of All Kinds

You may not remember discovering the excitement of colors for the first time, but for a baby, the rainbow is as stupefyingly wonderful as the Sistine Chapel!

Watch your child giggle, gasp, and grin at the rainbow of colors (and people) with Juliana Perdomo’s playful educational book. The sensory details and eye-popping colors will fascinate newborns as they learn their colors and stimulate their imagination. 

Perdomo’s musical rhymes move us from rich red to inky indigo. Every themed page contains bright illustrations of same-colored items—see how many you can name with your favorite young reader!

Skills and Lessons from Rainbow Colours:

  • Practicing color identification and description
  • The senses of touch, sight, and sound as you read out loud
  • Introducing concepts of inclusivity and diversity
  • Poetic text and tone

One Red Sock – Embracing Imperfection

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As a grown-up, you know that mistakes happen. The milk spills, you add salt to your coffee instead of sugar, and sometimes, your baby hippo can’t find a matching pair of socks.

Wait, what? Tell me more about this hippo!

In Jennifer Sattler’s One Red Sock, the Little Purple Hippo can’t find a matching red sock. Oh my! As she frantically tries on different colors, we slowly learn that perhaps matching socks aren’t really what matters after all. 

The beauty of Jennifer Sattler’s tale is how it subtly lets children know that imperfections and mistakes are perfectly normal. In fact, they can pave the way for amazing adventures. 

Perspective and humor sparkle throughout this picture book, making it one of the best read-aloud books for young children. But be warned: you may be inspired to mismatch your and your child’s socks (shoes, shirts, and more) well into their elementary school years!

Skills and Lessons from One Red Sock:

  • Embracing mistakes 
  • Sympathy and self-identification
  • Narrative comprehension
  • Finding humor in stories

For Babies, Engaging Means Learning

Your baby’s brain is a tiny little sponge, readily soaking up everything the world has to offer. Give them plenty to drink in with Litearti’s Club Neo book subscription service! Each delivery comes with five books in a particular theme specifically curated for your child’s age. The boxes also include surprises inside, like art and personalized stickers! 

Get your child started on the wonderful world of books with Literati.

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