Best Fantasy Books for Preteens

Does your 9-year-old wish they could wear their Halloween costume year-round? Have they written fan fiction about the tooth fairy and her magical adventures? Are they keeping their eye out for an owl with a letter from a particular magical academy? 

If you’ve answered yes to one, some, or all of these questions, then your child has been chosen to fulfill an epic magical reading destiny. Translation? Your kid is going to need some new and amazing fantasy books for fourth-graders!

The best fantasy books for kids in late elementary school offer all the gripping plot, fantastical lands, and unforgettable characters of adult and YA fantasy, but with a younger audience in mind. And the book wizards at Literati have conjured up three totally enchanting fantasy books your magical reader will love (and you’ll probably borrow when they’re not looking!). 

The Okay Witch

Your fantasy-loving fourth-grader may have daydreamed about getting magic powers, hexing school bullies, and witching their way through their chore list (well, honestly, who hasn’t?). That’s exactly what happens to sweet, witch-loving nerd Moth Hush in Emma Steinkellner’s The Okay Witch.

Moth is the odd-kid-out at her school, but she finds solace in her love of all things witchy. When her magical powers manifest, Moth couldn’t be more excited! But there’s more to magic than dishwashing spells and getting back at bullies.

Moth’s magical self-education guides her to a centuries-old mystery about her town, her family, and the power of being yourself.  

What makes this book so magical:

  • The complexities of mother-daughter relationships
  • Reminders that the history you’re taught may not be whole story
  • Illustrations that are as bewitching as the spells Moth casts
  • A chubby talking cat who is as blunt as he is adorable

The Lost Rainforest: Mez’s Magic #1

Don’t be deceived—just because there’s a cute panther on its cover doesn’t mean this book isn’t a masterclass in epic storytelling. The Lost Rainforest: Mez’s Magic has it all: a battle of good against evil, undiscovered magic potential, a world on the brink of devastation, and… cute panthers. 

As immersive and engrossing as this book is for its fast-paced plot, the funny, relatable, and unique characters are what will have your child laughing as often as they gasp at every twist and turn of the story. 

Hand this book to your kid and be prepared to double-check for flashlights under their pillows at bedtime!

What makes this book so magical:

  • An ensemble cast of magical animals with giggle-worthy quirks and quips
  • World descriptions so gorgeous they’ll make your child want to spend spring break in the Amazon
  • It’s a series! So your child can gobble up the wonders of Mez’s magical world for hours and hours (maybe save the next books for your flight to Brazil). The Land of Roar (9781405293679): McLachlan, Jenny: Books

The Land of Roar

In just a blink of your child’s eye, your living room or backyard could become the deck of a sky-faring pirate ship, a sleepy dragon’s lair, or a kingdom of friendly fairies. The imaginary world your child creates feels real when they’re little—but what if that magical world came to life (and so did the monsters)? 

In The Land of Roar, Arthur and Rose discover that the world they dreamed up as children, Roar, may be more real than they could have imagined. But when their grandfather falls into this magical world of mermaids, dragons, ninja wizards, and a seriously scary scarecrow, it’s up to Rose and Arthur to return to their imagination and save him—and Roar itself.

What makes this book so magical:

  • The highs and lows of siblings working together to save the day
  • The power of imagination and creativity
  • Fantastic illustrations that help bring Roar to life
  • We said it before, but we’ll say it again: ninja wizards. 

Cast a Literary Love Spell with Literati 

Fantasy books do extraordinary things to a child’s mind. Fantasy helps kids learn to think critically about advanced concepts, practice empathy, and expand their vocabulary (fantasy writers need a lot more words to describe their magical worlds, after all!). 

But you don’t need magic powers to deliver exceptional fantasy novels to your child—you just need a Literati Kids book subscription. Our subscription book club for kids includes specially-curated books for your child’s age group. If you’re looking for a kids book box that keeps the magic alive, choose Club Phoenix, which features perfect books for 9-12 year olds, helping your late elementary-schooler transition to middle school.  

And really, how stoked will your fantasy-lover be about that club name? So stoked.

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