Best Fun and Engaging Nonfiction Books for Kids

From babies babbling with wonder at the sight of neighborhood cats to preteens devouring tales of ancient civilizations, kids see the world as a wild and wonderful territory with so much to discover.

Eager to nurture this fundamental curiosity? So are we.  

Here at Literati, our book experts have curated a list of the best nonfiction books for kids. Each selection is designed to stoke your child’s imagination with entertaining and interactive elements.

Ready to break out the lab goggles or magnifying glass? Wonderful. Let’s dive into the best kids books for young scholars.

Club Neo (0-3 Year Olds)

Cute Crawlers & Motor Skills

If your little one is always grasping for the family pet or reaching excitedly towards animals at a petting zoo, they’ll love this book. 

First Explorers: Night Animals encourages fine motor skills while introducing the world of nocturnal animals. The story invites you to dim the lights, cuddle up, and dive into the natural world at night. Beautiful drawings of owls, bats, and badgers bring this nocturnal ecosystem to life for young readers, while touchable flaps and twists keep curious children engaged. 

This book is perfect for… 

  • Winding down before bedtime
  • Little ones who love nature
  • Parents who don’t mind telling the same story over and over again (as long as there are some fun interactive elements!)

Club Sprout (3-5 Year Olds)

Building Curiosity for Buildings

Grocery stores, post offices, and buses may seem like everyday places—but to a preschooler, these locations are an expansive universe! If your child is beginning to ask questions like “Where does the mail go?” or “How do traffic lights work?”

The Ultimate Book of Cities offers answers. Anne-Sophie Baumann and Didier Balicevic’s detailed work make this one of the best read-aloud books for young children.

With pop-ups and flaps, every page interactively explains the inner workings of a city to young minds. This guide to urban systems is jam-packed with interesting facts.

This book is perfect for…

  • Children who love going with their parents to run errands
  • Kids who are always asking questions about the world around them
  • Helping make an urban atmosphere less intimidating

Club Nova (5-7 Year Olds)

Planting Seeds of Science

If you’ve established a “don’t bring your bug friends to the dinner table” rule in your house, your child will love this book.

Artistic yet informational, The Big Sticker Book of Bugs brings a creative twist to learning about the natural world. Guided by Freddy the Fly, children can color, decorate, and arrange bug stickers across different habitats. And don’t fear—this book is not single-use. All 500 stickers are reusable, allowing for endless bug arrangements and learning!

So crack open The Big Sticker Book of Bugs for the insect-obsessed kid in your life, and get ready to take what your child learns on the page out into the world.

(Time to break out the butterfly nets and mason jars!)

This book is perfect for… 

  • Summertime storytime out in the park or the yard
  • Kids who love to decorate (and change their mind)
  • Helping kids to see the beauty in bugs

Club Sage (7-9 Year Olds)

Teaching History with Time-Travel

Does your child love playing sleuth with the family pet? Do they like solving mysteries like “who ate the last slice of leftover pizza?” (It’s a question that still hounds us in adulthood, tbh.)

While the answer to that question might remain unsolved, feed your little investigator’s mind with Maze Quest History: Travel Through Time!

For George and his pup, Milly, it’s just a normal day at the Natural History Museum—that is, until they’re suddenly rocketed into the past! To get home, they’ll need the help of your very own little history buff.

Together, you and your child can help George and Milly navigate through the past in Maze Quest History: Travel Through Time. With over 48 mazes to solve, this interactive book sprinkles in historical facts across all major time periods, from ancient Egypt to the American Civil War.

This book is perfect for… 

  • Adventure-loving readers
  • Kids who are entranced with puzzles
  • Family game night!

Club Phoenix (10-12 Year Olds)

Layering New Perspectives 

Calling all parents with science-fearing readers! This is not a drill—learning about science can be fun, all thanks to this book that is (and isn’t) about science!

Creativity and science collide in This is Not a Science Book, with beautiful anatomy stencils, tricky puzzles, and optical illusion drawings. Young readers won’t feel the slightest tinge of boredom as they dive into this interactive world.

For the next long car ride, give this book a try—and don’t be surprised if your kid doesn’t look up for at least a few hours!

This book is perfect for…

  • Showing kids that science doesn’t have to be scary; it can be extraordinary
  • Rainy-day (screen-free) afternoons
  • Kids who like to put Mentos in soda bottles and watch things happen

Nonfiction Doesn’t Mean Non-Fun

Chapter books and thick encyclopedias have their place in schools. But to create a lasting impression, nonfiction books should capture and thrill young minds. Children deserve an education that stokes—not hinders—their curiosity. 

With Literati’s best nonfiction books, young readers will learn about everything from ancient Greece to types of insects. Even better? They’ll have fun along the way!

Join Literati today—an exciting educational adventure is just a few clicks (and a couple of page turns) away!

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