Best Interactive Books for Toddlers

Your toddler can’t get enough of the world around them. They may be picking (and sometimes eating) bouquets of weeds from the yard, toddling after the family pet, or devising new ways to get into supposedly kid-proofed areas of the house. You can channel your child’s spirit of exploration into a whole new world of imagination through an interactive book.  

To that end, the best books for toddlers are simple and engaging, fulfilling their need to pull, spin, open, and feel.

In need of a toddler-proof distraction? How about five of them? Perfect. Read on for a list of the best easy reader books from our Club Neo (ages 0-3) book club. These books are sure to keep your child’s hands—and minds—busy!

1. Never Touch a Dinosaur!

If your child likes to occasionally test the limits of a grown-up’s request to “please don’t do that, sweetheart,” they’ll love this book.

Despite the clear instructions spelled out in the title of this kids’ book, the fun actually lies in doing the exact opposite of what you’re told! 

Let your child embrace their rambunctious side with this touch-and-feel board book. Between the silly rhymes and vibrant colors, there are also opportunities on every page to reach out and feel the various tactile sensations of the silicone dinosaurs. 

More like this for little Neos: If your child loves “not” touching these dinosaurs, they’ll also love “not” touching a whole zoo full of animals—from porcupines and polar bears to spiders and sharks—featured throughout this Make Believe series. We can’t recommend it enough. 

2. Peek-a-Flap Zoo

Kasia Nowowiejska’s striking illustrations are enough to keep your toddler entertained and engaged for hours on end (hopefully). Every page is filled with even more hidden drawings and fun facts about the animals you see right in front of you.

This is one of the best books for 2-year-olds and up because they’ll continue to discover new creatures and learn new facts, all while improving their reading skills and expanding their precious imagination.

More like this for little Neos: If you’re looking to fill your child’s bookshelves and they’re looking to expand their own miniature zoo, we have more than a few favorite interactive animal books for your toddlers to enjoy:

  • Bear in a Square – Ain’t nothin’ square about these squares. Much-loved artist Stella Blackstone’s friendly bear wanders through familiar environments and different shapes start to—well, take shape, in your baby’s little brain. 
  • Wild Animals – Lions, giraffes, and major baby brain stimulation—oh my! Who says you have to travel to go on safari? This interactive storybook ignites your baby’s senses while engaging their growing mind. Push, pull, wheel and reveal the fact that this one is almost certainly a keeper.
  • First Explorers: Night Animals – With cool things to push, pull, and slide on every interactive page, this chunky board book gives young explorers their first enticing taste of nonfiction. Explore a meadow, farm, and garden at night and meet all kinds of nocturnal creatures. 

3. My Magical Dragon

This fun-filled kids book by Yujin Shun combines vibrant colors and eye-catching illustrations with all the entertainment of wheels to spin, tabs to pull, and pop-ups to open. 

Each page has an interactive element that guides the narrative, whether you lift the gate to reveal the dragon hiding in the palace or pull a tab to find your scaly friend snoozing underground. Your child will love following the dragon through this magical land with gentle rhymes, a delightful story, and of course, something to interact with on every page.

More like this for little Neos: You’re in luck! There are more magical friends to play with! Check out more interactive stories from the same fantastical series, including:

  • My Magical Unicorn
  • My Magical Fairy
  • My Magical Easter Bunny 
  • My Magical Leprechaun

Additionally, some of these seasonal stories make the perfect gifts for various holidays. Feel free to pull them out of your back pocket as Easter or St. Patrick’s Day rolls around for a bonus surprise!

Push, Pull, and Feel Your Way Through Early Reading

Even baby bookworms can enjoy the excitement of reading—at their own pace. These interactive, eye-catching, and multisensory books are perfect for toddlers as they embark on what will be a lifelong adventure with reading. 

To supply your budding bibliophile with a continual stack of engaging board books, sign them up for Literati’s Club Neo and watch their love of reading grow with every delivery.

At this age, your child is always reaching for the world around them. But really, what their budding mind truly craves is an adventure. Give them one they can grab and explore with Literati’s Club Neo book subscription. 

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