Best Kids Books About Animals

Trips to the zoo can be hectic, Animal Planet provides one more screen for your child to stare at all day, and “Old MacDonald” is getting, well, pretty old. So how are you supposed to teach your child about the vast animal world?

Enter Literati: your source for books that bring the animal kingdom to you.

Our wildly-entertaining selection of animal books for kids will have your child swinging through jungles, diving through oceans, and getting to know new, fascinating animal friends along the way.

To that end, read on to discover the five best kids books about animals that will make your child roar with delight.

Night Animals

Has your child woken you up in the middle of the night after they heard a scary noise in the backyard? You probably sat with them and explained that it might just be the wind or a furry passerby. 

Introduce your little one to the wonders of your nocturnal neighbors through Night Animals.

Gianna Marino tells the story of an assortment of night-loving backyard beings—but just because these creatures prefer the darkness doesn’t mean they’re scary. In fact, Marino’s host of characters are terrified of their own shadows! In the story, a possum, skunk, wolf, and bear discuss the strange noises they’re hearing in the darkness. Their fears are soothed when a wise bat informs them that the noises are just harmless human campers.

(So people are the ones the animals are scared of in the dark? Whoa! M. Knight Shyamalan has nothing on this twist!)

This book is perfect for… 

  • Kids 3-5 years old (Club Sprout)
  • Storytime on camping trips
  • Really hammering home that tried-and-true adage: it’s more afraid of you than you are of it!
What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? PB | HMH Books

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

Ears that see? A nose that digs? These sound like creature features from a strange dream, but all of these parts actually belong to real animals! 

Steve Jenkins and Robin Page do a fantastic job introducing the myriad ways animals have evolved in their interactive guessing book, What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?

Hand-crafted, tactile collages light up these pages. You’ll be fully immersed as you watch the almost-alien-looking collection of noses, ears, or eyes transform into familiar animals putting those amazing features to use—elephants bathing, moles digging, or hyenas sniffing. 

This book will fascinate and intrigue your child as they guess their way through the animal kingdom. 

This book is perfect for… 

  • Kids 5-7 years old (Club Nova)
  • Little critter-lovers full of questions
  • Kids who were really into the “got your nose!” gimmick
Unlikely Friendships for Kids: The Leopard & the Cow: And Four Other  Stories of Animal Friendships: Holland, Jennifer S.: 9780761170136: Books

Unlikely Animal Friendships for Kids: The Leopard & the Cow

A leopard and a cow. A gorilla and a kitten. A dog and a dolphin.

What do these animals have in common? Absolutely nothing. That’s what makes their friendships so spectacular!

It’s seldom that a book can make your child feel awe and say “aww” in the same breath. But this New York Times bestseller doesn’t disappoint, melding cuteness with amazing stories.  

Unlikely Friendships details 47 real-life accounts of interspecies friendships documented by Jennifer S. Holland, a writer from National Geographic. These tales are uplifting morsels of happiness you and your child will want to revisit again and again. This book combines the education of a nature documentary with the tear-jerking power of a Pixar film—but without the soundtrack your child wants played on loop for months (we’re looking at you, Coco!). 

This book is perfect for… 

  • Kids 7-9 years old (Club Sage)
  • Kids who count the family pet as one of their BFFs
  • Feeling all the warm and fuzzy feels about warm and fuzzy friends

Untamed Animal Fun with Literati

A Literati Kids book box is like a trip to the zoo from the comfort of your own home: you and your child get to take in the sights as lizards, lions, and lemurs leap from the pages. 

Sure, we don’t sell cotton candy or those giant warm pretzels (yet!). But our book boxes delight with treats of their own: stickers, art prints, and carefully-curated books that will make your child a lifelong bibliophile. We’ll cut a path through the intimidating jungle of books and show you the stories worth getting to know up close. 

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