Best Kids Books About Dinosaurs

When it comes to the coolness spectrum for kids, dinosaurs rival pizza Fridays, staying up way past their bedtime, cake for breakfast, and laser tag birthday parties. 

Maybe it’s because dinosaurs resemble fairy-tale dragons with the added bonus of being real. Maybe because paleontology is a fascinating field of study for kids. Maybe because kids see the beauty in the fact that dinosaurs are essentially humongous prehistoric monsters that ruled the earth with an iron claw and could only be defeated by a giant flaming rock from outer space!

Whew! That’s why our curation experts here at Literati built this (dino-mite, if we do say so ourselves) guide—to spotlight the best kids books about dinosaurs for every reading level. 

Color Me: Who Loves Dinosaurs

Club Neo, Ages 0-3

From a friendly singing T-Rex to baby dinos finding their way home, dinosaur fiction in children’s media has ignited little imaginations for decades.

But there’s one thing they haven’t thought of—a book about dinosaurs you can bring to bath time.

Color Me: Who Loves Dinosaurs helps dinosaurs come alive through water-painting! Just add water and watch the pages fill with color (and your baby’s eyes fill with Mesozoic wonder). This book earns its place as one of the best books for babies who may grow up to become paleontologists. 

What’s to Love About This Book:

  • Its durable, waterproof pages make it sturdy enough for repeated bathtime use
  • Little ones can learn a variety of dinosaur species—but be warned, your child’s first word might wind up being “brachiosaurus” instead of “mama”

When Dinosaurs Came With Everything

Club Sprout, Ages 3-5

The best things in life are free: lazy summer days splayed out by a pool or a pond, cozy winter nights cuddled up with cocoa, dinosaurs… 

Wait, what? 

Elise Broach ponders the question, “what if people just started handing out free dinosaurs?” with When Dinosaurs Came with Everything. In the world of this book, dinosaurs come with everything, like those little packets of parmesan and red pepper flakes you get from your favorite pizza place. Humor and dino-sized antics abound as a mom and her son collect more and more dinosaurs as they run errands. 

What’s to Love About This Book: 

  • The little boy’s glee at his new pets and the mother’s consternation make for a hilarious contrast
  • Picturing dinosaurs in our world invites your little reader’s imagination to expand
  • Dinosaurs become part of the family, helping with chores and bringing smiles to readers’ faces Express Delivery from Dinosaur World (9781945295003): Yanan  Dong, Helen Wang: Books

Express Delivery from Dinosaur World

Club Nova, Ages 5-7

If your kid loves dinosaurs as much as they love getting things in the mail, drop Express Delivery from Dinosaur World in the mailbox. 

Mysterious, transportive, and totally engrossing, this is less of a book and more of a young adventurer’s field guide to the world of dinosaurs. Express Delivery from Dinosaur World pairs beautiful art with brain-bending dinosaur-themed puzzles, so your child will feel like a prehistoric Indiana Jones. 

What’s to Love About This Book:

  • It shows that science doesn’t have to be dry or dull—it can go hand in hand with captivating narratives and gorgeous art
  • It’s an awesome book to hand to your kid when they start showing symptoms of “Imboreditis” 

Dinosaur Rap

Club Sage, Ages 7-9

T-rexes are cool, but you know what’s better?

Reading books to become a prehistoric jet-setter!

You know what, we’ll leave the rapping to the pros—dinosaurs.

In Josh Foster’s Dinosaur Rap, kids can travel through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretacious eras to learn more about the fierce reptiles that roamed the earth. This book roars to life with a sing-along CD to go with its 32 pages of dinosaur raps!

What’s To Love About this Book:

  • Rhyming helps facts about dinosaurs stick in your kid’s brain
  • The sing-along aspect is perfect for little readers who are audio learners
  • It’s just plain impressive to read a book full of things that rhyme with dinosaur names—how do you like that, Shakespeare?

Knights vs. Dinosaurs

Club Phoenix, Ages 9-12

The knights of the Round Table: chivalrous, noble, and totally not prepared to take on a world of dinosaurs!

In Knights vs. Dinosaurs, Matt Phelan asks the eternal question: “What if King Arthur’s knights had to go a few rounds against dinosaurs?” But these aren’t the sage and solemn knights of pop culture and fiction—they’re total goofballs craving an adventure!

And boy, do they find it. 

And by “it,” we mean dinosaurs.

What’s to Love About this Book:

  • If your kid loves having in-depth discussions about how a dinosaur would fare in a fight against various opponents (superheroes, robots, their friends, etc.), they’ll gobble this book right up
  • Knights. Versus. Dinosaurs. What could be more awesome?

Love of Literature Finds a Way with Literati

From friendly stegosauruses to tremendous triceratopses, your little reader will fall in love with these beloved books about dinosaurs. And for more adventures, check out Literati’s book clubs for kids! Each monthly subscription box comes with a selection of handpicked books, personalized surprises, and a whole lot of fun.

Soon enough, your child’s love of reading will be as huge as an Argentinosaurus! 

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