Best Kids Books About Space

Is your child fascinated with the moon (even after learning it’s not made out of cheese)? Do they add “telescope” and “meteor rocks” to their birthday wishlist every year? Are they constructing a spacecraft launch pad in the backyard (or, at least, trying to)?

If so, it’s time to fill your child’s bookshelves with space books.

When it comes to space exploration, there’s something out there for everyone. Prepare for blast off, because we’ve got the best space books for every age!

First Explorers: Astronauts

For Neos, Ages 0-3

Toddlers do plenty of extraordinary things, like managing to fit their entire foot into their mouth or falling asleep in the silliest yoga-like poses between parents. But have you ever found them performing zero-G experiments in their high-chair? Sleeping upright in the crib? Attempting their own version of a spacewalk—or, more accurately, space crawl?

First Explorers: Astronauts will give your space-loving little one even more inspiration for out-of-this-world antics, fostering a deep fascination with the wonders of space in the process. 

Introduce your budding intergalactic wanderer to the exciting adventures of zero-gravity life up at the International Space Station, including how astronauts eat, drink, sleep, and work while in space. Full of vibrant illustrations and a lively cast of characters, this robust interactive board book is a fantastic introduction to space-driven scientific concepts. 

More books like this for out-of-this-world Neos: For more early space education, check out two of the best books for toddlers to blast off into:

  • Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering! by Ruth Spiro and Irene Chan
  • Hello World! Solar System by Jill McDonald

Wipe-Clean Space Activities

For Sprouts, Ages 3-5

It’s not every day that you let your kids draw, scribble, and write all over their brand-new books. In fact, that’s usually time-out-worthy.

But with Usborne’s Wipe-Clean Space Activities, doodling on pages isn’t just allowed, it’s required!

Author Kirsteen Robson leads your little stargazer to the moon and back on this interactive journey through space. Using a special wipe-clean pen, your child will navigate mazes, connect the dots, and doodle to their heart’s content. They’ll strengthen basic coordination and visual skills while experiencing the joys of space and science firsthand (literally).

With its wipeable surface, this is a book that keeps on giving. Loan it to friends, pass it down to younger siblings, or wait a couple of months and let them enjoy the fun all over again—just like new! 

More books like this for space-loving Sprouts: When it comes to the best books for 3-year-olds to 5-year-olds, our favorites are those that blend interactive creativity with engaging, easy-to-follow introductions to scientific concepts and problem solving strategies.  

To that end, these space-centric children’s books hit the mark:

  • Peek Inside Space by Anna Milbourne and Simona Dimitri
  • Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker
  • Space Maze Book by Sam Smith


For Novas, Ages 5-7

The mysteries of space can certainly boggle the mind. Author Jason Chin helps un-boggle the concepts of space and physics with his stunning visuals and unbelievably simple—yet powerful—story.

In just a few words, your littlest ones will begin to grasp the basics of gravitational pull and the laws that govern our universe. 

Shh! They don’t need to know they’re learning (we won’t tell if you won’t)! 

More books like this for (super)Novas: If your young ones enjoy reading about space, they’ll love diving into it with their own two hands. The Little Children’s Space Activity Book by Rebecca Gilpin is an interactive book on all things space. Equipped with no shortage of stickers, puzzles, and doodling opportunities, this book provides boundless entertainment. 

Beep and Bob: Too Much Space!

For Sages, Ages 7-9

Getting through elementary school is like navigating an asteroid belt. If your fourth-grader brings home a new story of classroom shenanigans, heartbreaks, hang-ups, and schoolyard politics, it may be time to make an introduction. 

Kiddo, meet Bob, the lovable-but-misplaced main character of this hilarious, action-packed series.

Bob and his new alien friend, Beep, are an example of overcoming bad times through a little friendship and a lot of perseverance. As we follow Bob through both the delights and difficulties of Astro Elementary, your child is sure to find a kindred spirit (and perhaps their new best friend) in his fears, feats, mishaps, and marvels.

Thanks to the empathetic-but-apprehensive protagonist’s “SPLOGS”—space blogs—we get the inside scoop on his hilarious and heartwarming adventures. 

And now your kids can, too!

More books like this for starry-eyed Sages: Too Much Space! is the first title in the beloved Beep and Bob saga, but there are plenty more stories where that came from. For other delightful picture books and graphic novels of space-driven narratives, be sure to check out:

  • Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed
  • Oh No, Astro! by Matt Roeser
  • CatStronaut: Mission Moon by Drew Brockington

Literati: Your Early Reading Launchpad

Much like children everywhere, we love engaging space books. But there’s an entire world—ahem, Universe—to explore, including interactive kids books, educational non-fiction favorites, early chapter novels, and a whole lot more.

Discover the depths of literature with our Literati Kids book subscription boxes curated for kids of all ages, from Club Neo for newborns to Club Titan for young adults.

After all, the beauty of writing is that “out of this world” is only a few pages away! 

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