Best Mystery Books for Kids Grades 4-5

Mystery books are much more than secrets and sleuthing—mysteries can help middle-graders strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills. In these dynamic detective tales, you’ll find characters who set out to crack the case with their most important superpower: their extraordinary smarts! 

To reveal the hidden gems of the genre, we put these mysteries under the magnifying glass. Here are six stories your fourth- or fifth-grade Sherlock-in-training is gonna wanna get to the bottom of—and stat!

Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion: Magaziner, Lauren: 9780062676283: Books

1. Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion

Mystery in the Mansion is the first of the Case Closed, choose-your-own- adventure mystery series. Readers can pick their own paths and discover clues and cliffhangers along the way, but stay alert! The stakes are high for Carlos and his friends—he can’t save his mom’s detective agency without our help!

By making different decisions and finding out where each path leads, mystery buffs can fortify their understanding of cause and effect. 

Framed! (1): Ponti, James: 9781481436311: Books

2. Framed!

Framed! centers on a young sleuth who is so good they’re on “the FBI Director’s speed dial.” Think Sherlock Holmes in grade school with a sharp sense of humor—and it’s just the first of the series! 

We love an independent problem-solver, but the strong friendship at the center of the story makes it a must-read. Plus, the main character’s framework for solving life’s daily mysteries is one that your young reader can keep in their toolbelt, too. 

If your special agent is less of a Sherlock and more of a James Bond…

Check out Spy School. In this story, Ben Ripley is a case-cracking middle-schooler appointed to a secret arm of the CIA … or so he thinks. (Psst—it’s also the first of a New York Times bestselling series). 

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries: Short Stories for Young Sleuths from Mystery  Writers of America: Grabenstein, Chris, Gibbs, Stuart, Giles, Lamar, Hale,  Bruce, Lerangis, Peter, Milford, Kate, Whitesides, Tyler: 9780062884206: Books

3. Super Puzzletastic Mysteries

In this riddling collection, regarded mystery novelists bring their puzzle-producing chops to kids lit. Ready to test your detective skills for real? This one’s for the rare few who follow their hunches and always know whodunnit. Brave investigators can try to solve the mystery themselves, then flip to the back of the book to uncover the truth. 

With well-known writers at the helm, fourth-graders (and up!) will learn a thing or two about the elements of a great story—who knows, they might even try their hand at writing one! 

4. Secret of the Staircase (Virginia Mysteries #4)

Mystery with a side of history? Yes, please! Brothers Sam and Derek must get to the bottom of a mysterious wedding mishap at the historic Jefferson Hotel. Despite some thrills and chills, these two brothers have each other’s backs, through thick, thin, and alligators … allegedly. 

If historical fiction has them intrigued about real-life mysteries…

We suspect they’ll love Strange but True: 10 of the World’s Greatest Mysteries Explained. It’s got a slew of sneaky, slimy, supernatural stories—but be careful. Some of these “real” accounts are not all they’re cracked up to be. It’s up to your little detective to stay sharp, and separate fact from fiction. 

5. The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB 

Classic mythology, meet contemporary mystery-solving. This delightful, race-to-the-finish read is everything we want from a young-reader mystery novel: clever, satisfying, and intriguing to the last page. 

Packed with Norse and Russian mythology, this fantasy is a major departure from your average middle-school whodunnit—a little bit of genre-blending can go a long way for a budding bookworm! 

Literati Solves the Mystery of What Middle-Graders Want to Read

Case closed. These stories are more than clues and cliffhangers—they’re full of pro-level problem solvers who can deduce with the best of ‘em (though they may also have your fourth- or fifth-grader marking paw prints and cookie crumbs as “evidence.”) 

We’ve got a hunch that your curious reader won’t want to put these down, but when all the mysteries are solved, there’s plenty more to discover! With a Club Phoenix subscription, your little reader can continue to uncover adventures in every genre, with a monthly try-before-you-buy book box from Literati Kids.

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