Best Picture Books for Learning to Read

“Wait, wait, wait … not yet … one sec … okay, now you can turn the page.”

When you were reading out loud to your little reader, they may have asked (or demanded) you turn the pages more quickly. They may have asked to linger on pages full of beautiful illustrations. They may even have cracked open their favorite picture books just to trace the images with their little fingers.

But now that they’re embarking on their own journey into the world of literacy, their little eyes have much more to take in—words and pictures. 

To this end, picture books can help ease your little one into becoming a lifelong reader. Exciting images and entertaining narratives work together to help teach important lessons as letters become words and words paint their favorite stories.

Ready to discover some wonderful picture books curated by the bibliophiles at Literati? Wonderful. We’ve spotlighted them below. 

Dragon Post

Letters for Learning Your Letters

What does every young reader need to master their letters? A dragon and some helpful pen pals, of course!

In this fun tail, young Alexander finds a red dragon in his basement.

Follow Alexander along on this tactile journey as he sends out letters for advice on handling his scaly friend. Pointers for dragon-handling arrive via individual letters that kids can unfold and read aloud—perfect for young minds that thrive on extra engagement.

With fun poetic language and beautiful cartoon-like illustrations, Emma Yarlett weaves an approachable fantasy for expanding vocabulary. 

Who will love Dragon Post:

  • Kids who love getting things in the mail
  • Fantasy and monster lovers
  • Tactile learners 

Little Children’s Nature Activity Book

Reading by Doing

Some kids would rather frolic in the park or yard than sit still with a book inside. With this book, you can show your little outdoors-lover that learning to read doesn’t have to be an indoor activity!

With The Little Children’s Nature Book, your backyard or neighborhood park becomes a whole world of rich vocabulary. In this engrossing activity book, Rebecca Gilpin uses neighborhood creatures as approachable learning tools for young readers. Try connecting the dots on a bird bath, or maybe coloring in some butterfly wings. The book’s creative tasks will capture young minds, while clear labels and thoughtful questions skillfully sharpen their reading skills. 

For bonus points, bring reading time outside. See if the two of you can spot any birds while coloring in their names.

Who will love The Little Children’s Nature Book:

  • Creative young minds
  • Nature and animal lovers
  • Kids that love outdoor activity 

The Cool Bean

Learning Words of Kindness

Around early elementary school, the concept of “cool” seems to surface out of nowhere. What’s cool and what’s not (and whether that matters!) may be a topic your child wrestles with every day. To guide young readers through this social change, The Cool Bean is here to help.

Our bean protagonist is starting to feel like an uncool “has-bean” (oh yes, adorable puns and humor sparkles throughout Jory John’s and Pete Oswald’s writing). But luckily, the school’s Cool Beans strike up a friendship. Through their kindness, we learn that to be a “cool bean,” you first need to be a caring person. 

With this heart-warming tale, your child will learn the value of inclusion and improve their narrative reading.

(Bonus: maybe this will encourage your child to eat their beans at dinner!).

Who will love The Cool Bean:

  • Corny joke lovers
  • Kids who struggle to navigate the socio-political minefield of the playground
  • New arrivals in town
  • Wordplay lovers

Memoirs of a Hamster

A Wheelride of a Journey

Action, drama, and … hamster treats? Learning to read has never been more daringly adorable than with Memoirs of a Hamster!

Life is pure bliss in hamster Seymour’s cage. But when Pearl the Cat comes knocking, this hamster takes a chance on embracing life outside of his home. Of course, chaos, danger, and furry foes abound in this diary-style story.

Memoirs of a Hamster spins its tale in a first-person format, encouraging narrative comprehension and empathy in readers. From his cozy cage to the dangerous “outdoors,” Tim Bowers’ detailed illustrations also beautifully capture Seymour’s journey.

Humor, art, and thrills come together to create one of the best read-aloud books for children. Jump on Seymour’s FuzzyBoy 360 hamster wheel and enjoy the ride!

Who will love Memoirs of a Hamster:

  • Pet lovers
  • Elementary readers
  • Read-out-loud storytime fans
  • Thrill seekers

Art is the Young Reader’s Best Friend

From riveting pet tales to interactive nature guides, picture books open the door to a lifelong love of literature. With the help of rich watercolors or cute illustrations, reading turns from a daunting chore to an enchanting escape. 

At Literati, we believe all kids deserve the magic that only books can provide. Ignite your child’s imagination by starting with the best picture books in Club Nova. Color-filled adventures, life lessons, and some wonderful bonding time will be shipped directly to your doorstep. Plus, each box comes with an extra dash of art through illustrator prints, themed stickers, and more!  

Fill your little reader’s eyes and brain with beautiful words and stunning illustration with Literati!

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