Five Captivating Books to Engage Your Reluctant Reader

Are you a book-loving parent? If so, you’ve probably daydreamed about family book club nights, dramatic read-aloud sessions (doing the voices, of course), and your child loving every literary minute of it. Or maybe you just know how important reading is for children’s development and would love to see your kids enjoying books.

But, perhaps every attempt to actually get your child to read has been about as successful as giving a cat a bubble bath (minus the scratches!).  

So how do you impart a love of books without making reading feel like a chore, all while competing with the tech-saturated world we live in? Well, sometimes, all it takes is one really good book to launch a child into a reading frenzy. 

That’s where we come in. This list provides five riveting titles to make your seven, eight, or nine year old child say “see ya” to the streaming services, and fall in love with the written word.

For Your Little Ghostbuster:

Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol: The Haunted House Next Door

One boy is fearless in the face of ghosts, ghouls, and haunted houses. The other literally has fear, “mideo,” in his last name. Together, they create a ghostbusting duo that keeps their town safe and spooky specter-free. 

Desmond Cole, Ghost Patrol is a treat. It’s one of the best books for eight-year-olds who love Halloween, as this chapter book explores a fun romp through friendship, courage, and the supernatural.

Your child will discover that, even if fear is in their last name, they can find the bravery within to fight the scariest monsters. 

You’ll be shocked as your once-reluctant reader flips through these pages—and asks for the next installment in the series before you can say “boo!”

For Your Promising Poet:

This is a Poem That Heals Fish

How do you explain the concept of poetry to a young reader using nothing but a goldfish?

This is a Poem That Heals Fish tells the story of Arthur, a young boy worried about his beloved pet, Leon. Leon isn’t doing so swimmingly—he’s bored and sitting at the bottom of his tank. 

“Give him a poem!” Arthur’s mother suggests. But poems aren’t as easy to find in the wild as his mother thinks. Or are they?

This book is simply beautiful: prose and illustration bloom across the pages, making the abstract concept of poetry tangible to young readers. Just like Arthur discovers that poetry comes from within, your child may be surprised to find they contain multitudes of poems themselves. 

Lunch Walks Among Us (1) (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist): Benton, Jim,  Benton, Jim: 9780689862953: Books

For the Amateur Mad Scientist:

Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist: Lunch Walks Among Us 

It’s hard fitting in, especially when you’re a mad scientist in grade school with a love for the creepier things in life. Some kids love daisies; Franny loves poison ivy. Some play with a jump rope. Franny … well, she jumps over her pet snake.

But when Franny decides to try to fit in, who will save the class from the Monstrous Fiend that attacks? Jim Benton, the bestselling author of Dear Dumb Diary, is back with this lovable misfit who learns that the greatest power she contains is being herself. 

This book is delightfully different, just like Franny. If your kid already loves science, silliness, and monsters, they’ll zoom through these pages. 

For Your Sleuthing Youth:

The Sisters 8: Annie’s Adventures 

Solving your parents’ sudden disappearance is no small task, especially for one person. Good thing Annie has seven sisters—and eight cats!—to help her unravel the mystery. 

On a cold New Year’s Eve, Annie and her sisters wait for their parents to return with hot chocolate and more wood for the fire. But they never do. What happened to them? How will they survive? And who keeps leaving notes behind the loose brick in the fireplace?

The Sisters 8 series turns mystery tropes upside down, and has fun doing it.

With a huge cast of characters, your child will turn from a reluctant reader into a bonafide detective in no time, thanks to one of the best books for nine-year-olds!

For the Superhero in Training:

Mia Mayhem Stops Time!

If your child could have any superpower, what would they choose? The ability to fly through the air? Breathe fire like a dragon? Or stop time to get just five more minutes of sleep before school?

One of the best books for seven-year-olds who can’t get enough of Marvel or DC heroes, but who need a little nudge to enjoy reading, is Mia Mayhem. Mia is a not-so-average young girl who discovers she has superpowers. In this installment, Mia tests her ability to stop time, freezing the entire town and everyone in it. But what happens when things stay frozen, and how can Mia make time tick on?

Maybe while reading this arresting story, your child will discover they have super powers too—the power to read at super-speed to get through their new favorite book!

Turn Your Child From Reluctant to Ravenous Reader

Your child’s new favorite book—or perhaps their first favorite book!—is closer than you think. 

A huge part of igniting a love of books in your child is finding out what books they like. And what better way to find them than with a Literati Kids book subscription? You’ll receive five amazingly engaging books per month, and only keep the books your child absolutely loves. Oh, did we forget to mention the art, personalized bookplates, and other book swag that comes in each box? 

Get ready to witness that incredible moment when your child goes from being acquainted with books to becoming totally enamored. Welcome their new passion (and their enthusiastic entry to the family book club!) with Literati Kids

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