Our Favorite Read-Aloud Bedtime Books for Kids

It’s bedtime. Cries for dessert have been appeased, teeth have been brushed, and the perfect stuffed animal has been selected to accompany your child to dreamland. After some inevitable stalling and pajama picking (the baseball ones, not the fire trucks!), it’s finally time to lay your kid down to sleep. 

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done!

Just like adults, children need a soothing routine to help them catch some Zs. Relax for bedtime together by diving into the best read-aloud books! For babies through elementary schoolers, an engaging, visual story will always light the path to sweet dreams. 

Welcome Sleep with Shapes

For 0-3 Year Olds

Babies love tactile, all-consuming adventures. Their little minds are constantly racing to absorb the brand-new world around them! But before sleep, you want to calm your little one, not kickoff a sleepless night for the both of you. The best books for babies at bedtime should engage and soothe your little one. 

Enter Bear in a Square. Rich colors and charming animals set a gorgeous palette for your baby’s dreams. And as a bonus, the book sneaks in basic lessons on shapes and numbers without getting dull or boring.

Between its entrancing illustrations and musical rhymes, Bear in a Square is one of the best books for babies before bedtime. Crack open this visual lullaby, and you’ll both have a night of peaceful slumber.

Let Sleeping Dragons (and Toddlers) Lie

For 0-3 Year Olds

What’s a better way to encourage sleep than an adorable, snoozing dragon? In this interactive fantasy adventure, you and your toddler must hold command of the castle—not a single clang, clack, or creak should wake our sleepy monster!

Created as a read-aloud book, Don’t Wake the Dragon both engages and calms young readers with sleep-focused activities. Rock the book side to side to “rock” our dragon to sleep, or even sing a charming lullaby. By the end, your child will drift off to sleep, just like their favorite scaly friend.

Enjoy Sweet Dreams with Slimy Friends

For 5-7 Year Olds

Right around elementary school, most kids enter a phase of being really interested in creepy-crawly-slimy critters. Embrace it with Snail’s Silly Adventures, a delightful read-aloud bedtime tale that also gently introduces chapter books.

After a rainstorm upturns his bucket abode, Snail (yes, that’s his name) is faced with a  vegetable garden adventure. Will he flourish out in the wilderness, away from his comfortable rutabagas? You’ll have to read aloud to see.

Bridging picture and chapter books, Silly Adventures draws in young readers with approachable text and cartoonish illustrations. Bedtime reading just got a little more complex and fun.

A Thrilling Tale About Tails

For 7-9 Year Olds

Excitement isn’t all bad before bedtime. For developing readers, a gripping story can actually set the perfect bedtime mood. Before bed, give your kid something to think about by reading aloud The Great Pet Heist.

Meet our motley crew of pets: Butterbean the heroic dog, Oscar the witty bird, Walt the sneaky cat, and Marco and Polo the rats. After their owner suffers an injury, this team is desperate to avoid the dreaded pound. Cue the wacky action movie soundtrack as they plot to bring their owner back in this hilarious heist adventure. 

With detailed visuals, hilarious jokes, and an action-packed story, your child will never turn down the opportunity to open this book before bedtime.

Make Bedtime a Breeze with Read-Aloud Books

Your child deserves books that excite rich, captivating dreams. Better yet, your child deserves the precious bonding that comes with reading books together

Turn bedtime from chore to cheer with our favorite read-aloud books! No matter your kid’s age, they will reap the imaginative wonder and familial support of this cherished activity.

For more wonderful books, trust Literati Kids’ experts to send you and your child a box of adventure every month with our subscription book boxes! Each one is designed with your child’s age and reading level in mind, and comes with five themed books and some fabulous extras! Even better, you can keep the books your child loves and return the rest.

Don’t snooze on this amazing opportunity to give your child a lifelong love of reading. Sign up for a kids book subscription today!

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