The Best Board Books for Babies

Babies are like adorable, wobbly scientists in a brand-new world. They’re constantly running empirical experiments to answer questions like:

“If I drop this toy, will it come back up?”

“Does this napkin look good as a hat?”

“What does the dog taste like?”

Every baby is on a quest to explore their world. After all, before we learn through words, we learn through our senses. To help your child bridge the gap between sensory and literary skills, you need a medium that uses both—welcome to the magic of board books

Board books are some of the best books for babies, combining image, touch, and language for a thrilling interactive adventure. Start planting seeds of reading with our favorite board books—your baby will see (and feel) that books are anything but boring (and maybe the dog can enjoy a little peace and quiet!).

Keep Little Hands Busy with Busy Numbers 

Your baby is busy soaking up the exciting world around them. To show them that numbers can be as busy as they are (and as thrilling as peek-a-boo), you’ll want to read Busy Numbers!

Colorful bulldozers, cranes, and trucks drive this numerical journey. After counting a given item on the page—like how many orange hats or red trucks there are—little readers can spin a number wheel to show their answer (no idle hands or minds on this worksite)!

And if your child is a fan, there’s more to explore! Author Martha Costa has created a whole series for developing key skills, from Busy Shapes to Busy Colors. Start with Busy Numbers to kick off an interactive learning journey.  

Lessons for little learners:

  • Counting
  • Identifying colors
  • Motor skills

Push and Pull to Light Up the Stars!

Baby’s hands always seem to be busy—reaching for a hug from Mom or Dad, grabbing another piece of banana from their high chair tray, or wistfully stretching out towards the neighbor’s cat across the street. With Light Up The Stars! your child will go starry-eyed for all the different ways they can grab, pull, and push throughout the book.

Young readers will adore the books’s interactive pull-tabs, unlocking the ability to bloom flowers or light up a city skyline. A perfect bedtime read, Light Up the Stars! places the twinkling, majestic world above us into your baby’s hands. 

Lessons for little learners:

  • Cause and effect
  • Vocabulary 
  • Following directions

Partner Up for Everybody Needs a Buddy

It’s a scientific fact (probably) that baby brains love cute animals. The adorableness helps internalize key lessons into their Cuteness Cortexes for long-term retention (sure, that sounds right). 

Help teach your little one the importance of friendship with the help of some furry pals in Everybody Needs a Buddy.

On each sturdy board page, Maddie Frost’s illustrations capture acts of kindness across the animal world, while Ellen Jackson’s rhymes convey a charming musicality. Simple and sweet, this story deserves repeat visits as one of the best read-aloud books for babies. 

Lessons for little learners:

  • Animal recognition
  • Friendship
  • Phonics through rhyming

Hop Inside What Makes a Rainbow?

As adults, we may need to be reminded of how beautiful the colors of the rainbow are. But for babies, every new hue is like a laser light show at a Wiggles concert!

What Makes the Rainbow? explores the wonder of colors through our guide, Little Rabbit. Little Rabbit hops from color to color and meets vibrant friends along the way. Each color-coded board page reveals a new pop-up ribbon stripe, building to a grand finale—the full rainbow! 

Tactile and easy to follow, What Makes a Rainbow? is one of the best picture books to sprinkle color into your baby’s life.

Lessons for little learners:

  • Colors and color order
  • Animal traits
  • Motor function

Enjoy Boardbooks for Baby Bookworms from Literati

Babies are meant to enjoy books, not study them. That’s what makes board books such a spectacular introduction to the literary world—babies can pull, grab, examine, learn from (and sometimes gnaw on) each page to immerse themselves in the amazing world of a story. 

At Literati, we believe it’s never too early to start enjoying the magic of literature. Introduce your child to the wonder of words through our Club Neo book box, a book subscription box designed for your tiny reader! You and your child will love our selection of interactive board books, enchanting illustrations, and engaging stories you’ll enjoy over and over again. 

Because that’s the beauty of reading—there’s always something more to learn. 

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