Top 5 Interactive Books for Grades 4-5

Welcome to the heavyweight championship battle of interactive fun! In this corner, fully charged at 12 inches tall and one mighty pound, packed with enough apps and games to put an arcade out of business, The Scintillating Screen! 

And in this corner, standing at 9 inches tall, weighing about 15 ounces, muscled up with words like you’ve never seen in your life, The Bedazzling Book!

Who will win? Let the battle for your child’s attention begin!

Ding ding!

Books may seem like they don’t stand a chance against screened devices. But there’s a genre armed with a secret move that will captivate your kids from the start—interactive books. Some of the best books for fourth-graders and fifth-graders, interactive books jab left and jab right with puzzles, experiments, and project ideas to knock out the screened competition!

Literati’s carefully-chosen interactive books float like a butterfly through your child’s imagination and sting like a (metaphoric) bee when it comes to making a memorable impact. Read on for five amazing interactive books for your fourth- or fifth-grader!

#1 For Prodigious Puzzlers: Puzzlelopedia

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Ready for a brain-bending distraction that never runs out of battery? Watch your child put down the Candy Crush and jump into some outstanding and addictive puzzles!

Puzzlelopedia includes over 200 puzzles, word games, crosswords, mazes, and so much more.

Dot-to-dot puzzles that turn into a maze when complete? Check!

Hidden pictures, anagrams, and riddles? Double check!

There’s even a “puzzle breaker” section, where kids can learn more about code breaking. By the time they’re done, they’ll see through any cipher. All your child needs to get started is a sharp pencil and a determination for decoding. 

#2 For Your Math Master: Amazing Area Mazes

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“Race ya!” 

Shouted on the blacktop, those two words will ignite a competitive burst of agility, physical prowess, and recess domination.

What happens when you apply that call to adventure to math games?

So much mathy, puzzly, heart-pumping fun!

These marvelous puzzles will delight math lovers and the math-hesitant alike. Amazing Area Mazes includes 70 grids of squares and rectangles, each with a missing value. Can your budding mathematician find the omitted number using just their powers of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? With the provided formula (area = length x width), kids will learn as they play. And if they get too comfortable, they can dash to defeat the target times for each maze. 

One of the best books for 9-year-olds and 10-year-olds, this interactive book helps make math feel more like a game and less like a subject to master. 

#3 For Junior Investigators: Super Puzzletastic Mysteries

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Stolen squirrel monkeys? Haunted basements? There’s only one sleuth out there with the investigative talent to solve these mysteries: none other but your young reader, of course!

Bestselling authors teamed up for an anthology of mystery short stories that invite the reader to guess the solution before the book reveals it. It doesn’t get much more immersive when you’re the detective of the story you’re reading.

Take that, VR!

#4 For Crafty Kids: Make Your Own Optical Illusions

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … both? (Or maybe neither?) Don’t feel too deceived. Optical illusions have delighted and confounded for centuries. This book collects them all into one fun package, so your middle-grade reader can master optical illusions and learn all about how they work.

This book is highly interactive, and includes 50 models and experiments for your child to build. While your fourth- or fifth-grader reads the science of how these illusions work to trick your eyes and brain, they achieve the illusions themselves. Watch your child become part paper-engineer, part psychologist with this brain-bending book for grades 4-5.

#5 For Fledgling Writers: Write Your Own Story Book

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Is your fourth-grader book-obsessed? Do they sneak books under the covers and read with a flashlight after bedtime? Are they always coming up with vivid and exciting tales of their own?

Here’s your child’s chance to become their own master storyteller with step-by-step guidance.

Write Your Own Story Book doesn’t just ask readers to fill in the blanks. It delves into character development, writing technique, and story composition. It also includes prompts to get your child thinking, and gently teaches about the fun, limitless world of writing. 

This book is a must for any young writer’s early book collection. It may even lead to their first real foray into the writing world, and the many rewards that come with putting your imagination to the page. 

Interact, Delight, and Learn With Literati

We all want our kids to be voracious readers. Whether they’re tearing their way through thrilling fantasy books or pencilling in puzzle books, reading keeps kids’ minds sharp and their imaginations strong. 

But how do you pick books that consistently entertain your child and inspire them to read even more? Literati does the hard work for you with the Club Phoenix book subscription for kids ages 9-12. 

Our book boxes are expertly-curated with your child in mind. Every month, receive five age-appropriate books at your doorstep, along with personalized extras. You only keep the books your child loves.

Start today with Literati!


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