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Give them everything on their list with the best Christmas gift for kids.

Give them everything on their list with

the best Christmas gift for kids.

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Kids book clubs for all readers ages 0-12

We choose vibrant stories with unforgettable characters.

Buy only the kids books your family loves

Don’t love them? Don’t buy them. Returns are free and easy.

Books priced to match or beat Amazon

Build your library of the best children's books at the best prices.

How It Works

The Only Try-Before-You-Buy Book Club for Kids

Club membership is $9.95 per month per shipment, plus the cost of any books you choose to keep.


Join the Club

Each month, you’ll receive five kids books in a magical subscription package that’s personalized for your child.


Buy What You Love

You’ll have one week to explore your books. Send back any returns for free.


Raise a Lifelong Learner

We send stories that spark their imaginations and start great conversations. What happens next? That’s magic.

The gift they're sure to love.

Give a Gift

For lifelong learners and insatiable readers


Learn about Literati

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How do you choose the books?

We read — a lot. Our curation team also maintains lists of thousands of book recommendations from educators, publishers, librarians, teachers, parents, and kids. We search for vibrant stories that enchant and nourish young readers, and then we let your kids do the choosing.

How much does Literati cost?

For $9.95 a shipment, your child will receive five expertly-chosen books (plus a few surprises!) based on a unique theme, like Adventure or Friendship. Choose your favorites and send the rest back to us, for free! We beat Amazon list prices on our books, and you’ll only pay for the stories you keep.

How often will I receive boxes?

Literati boxes are shipped out monthly, but we know that you know your family best, so we let you arrange your delivery schedule to fit your needs. Choose from monthly or quarterly boxes, or create a custom schedule. You choose your own adventures around here!

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