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1968: Today's Authors Explore a Year of Rebellion, Revolution, and Change

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“The book’s strength lies in the way different voices and different angles come together into an integrated whole. Fascinating and accomplished.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Welcome to 1968 — a revolution in a book. Essays, memoirs, and more by fourteen award-winning authors offer unique perspectives on one of the world’s most tumultuous years. As thousands of Vietnamese and Americans were killed in war, students across four continents took over colleges and city streets. Assassins murdered Dr. King and Robert F. Kennedy. Generations battled, and the world wobbled on the edge of a vast change that was exhilarating one day and terrifying the next. As we face our own moments of crisis and division, 1968 reminds us that we’ve clashed before and found a way forward — and that looking back can help map a way ahead. With contributions by: Jennifer AnthonyMarc AronsonSusan Campbell BartolettiLoree Griffin BurnsPaul FleischmanOmar FiguerasLaban Carrick HillMark KurlanskyLenore LookDavid LubarKate MacMillanKekla MagoonJim MurphyElizabeth Partridge