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50 Things You Should Know about the Civil War

by John D Wright

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In 1860, the North and the South of the United States were very different societies. The North had abolished slavery in the early 19th century, while the South still relied on slaves to work on its farms and plantations. The first chapter will set the scene, showing how simmering tensions over the right to keep slaves in the new states that were being founded as the country pushed westwards eventually erupted into war following the election of the pro-abolition president, Abraham Lincoln. The middle chapters provide an overview of the major battles that followed the South’s decision to secede from the Union. Momentum swung backwards and forwards in the early years before the North eventually gained the upper hand, forcing the South’s surrender in 1865. The final chapter looks at the aftermath and consequences of the war, as the United States of America began the process of healing and reconstruction in the post-slavery era. The book highlights all the most important figures of the period, as well as focusing on the military and political strategies of both sides and the influence of the wider world on the conflict. The text is lively and clearly presented with fact panels providing fascinating extra pieces of information and background stories.