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501 Space Joke-tivities

by Highlights
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SKU: 9781644721254

Calling all space cadets! This 144-page cosmic collection contains all kinds of activities about stars, planets, aliens, astronauts and more! Blast off into space with this uniquely Highlights mix of humor, activity and information, guaranteed to amuse every joke-obsessed kid who loves learning about space.

Filled with a huge variety of space-themed activities, this collection is perfect for future astronauts ages 6-9. Your young explorer can delve into a list of 88 constellations, learn fascinating real-life facts, giggle at goofy jokes and tongue twisters, and solve spacey puzzles by the dozens. There are Hidden Pictures scenes, non-fiction articles, limericks, cartoons, mazes, word finds, matching games, writing and drawing prompts, quizzes and other activities.

Great as a gift or for screen-free entertainment any time, this collection helps kids build important skills all while having fun. Telling jokes is a great way for kids to develop creative expression and social-emotional skills, while puzzling improves focus, visual perception and more skills kids use in school. Like all Highlights products, the 501 Space Joke-tivities book is well researched, well constructed and visually appealing, to bring kids age-centric Fun with a Purpose.