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ABC Helpful Me: Learn All the Ways You Can Be a Helper--From A to Z!

by Erica Harrison
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SKU: 9780760376102

ABC Helpful Me features colorful illustrations and encouraging text to get kids excited about helping out at home, at school, and everywhere else!A fun read for both caregiver and child, ABC Helpful Me is not only perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs, but also for encouraging them to Ask how to help out, to Be themselves, Clean up toys, and do many more simple helpful things. These tasks aren’t presented as chores to slog through, but as ways to feel proud of doing something good and to put a smile on someone’s face. Some of these include learning to be helpful at home by picking up toys or helping another finish a household task; inviting another child to join a play group or letting someone else use the swings; staying close to mom or dad while crossing the street; and using an indoor voice in the car or library.The colorful illustrations and engaging text are sure to please young children, and caregivers will benefit from young ones learning the foundations of cooperation, household chores, kindness, and more. The ABC for Me series presents a world of possibilities from A to Z and everything in between!