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Adventures of an Ender Dragon: An Unofficial Minecraft Diary

by Elliot Gaudard, Books Kid
SKU: 9781645178798

Join Ember the Ender Dragon on her unexpected sightseeing adventure to the Overworld in this humorous, illustrated, chapter-book diary based on the Minecraft video game series. Ember the Ender Dragon is very bored with her life in the End and dreams of adventure. When Dirk arrives from the Overworld, instead of trying to defeat Ember like other humans have, he offers to take her sightseeing in his world. Ember can’t resist what sounds like the trip of a lifetime! From snow-covered mountains to the steamy jungle, Dirk shows Ember everything the Overworld has to offer. But something starts to seem fishier than the meal Dirk catches for them. Was Ember too quick to trust her tour guide? With illustrations throughout and humor meant to appeal to Minecraft fans, this fourth book in the Unofficial Minecraft Diary series continues the adventure of exploration.