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Counting to Bananas: A Mostly Rhyming Fruit Book

by Carrie Tillotson, Estrela Lourenço
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SKU: 9780593354865

A hilarious, mostly-rhyming picture book about a banana and narrator who can’t quite agree on what their book is about. “Mo Willems fans will give this book one, two, three, four, five stars!” –Parents magazine. When a narrator starts filling this story with fruit, Banana can’t wait to step into the spotlight. The book is called Counting to Bananas, after all. But as more and more fruits (and non-fruits) are added to the story, Banana objects. When will it be time for bananas?! With laugh-out-loud text from debut author Carrie Tillotson and brought to life by illustrator Estrela Lourenço this is the story of a banana and narrator who have very strong opinions about what should (and should not!) be in this book. The perfect next read for fans of Jory John and Pete Oswald’s The Bad Seed series!