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Dangerous Puzzles: Odd One Out, Spot the Difference, and Many More!

by Leo Trinidad, Jane Kent
SKU: 9781839406225

Young readers can brave the planet’s most perilous puzzles in this fast-paced, humorous activity book. With dynamic full-color illustrations, this EPIC collection of conundrums will put kids problem-solving skills to the test. Readers must think on their feet to solve dramatic puzzles like these: – Codebreaking – work out the code to escape the mummy’s curse! – Mazes – race through minecart mazes to the city of gold! – Spot the difference – catch the spy at the art gallery! Not only will these puzzles provide endless entertainment and screen-free time – they will also improve children’s logical thinking and observation skills. Look out for trapdoors, man-eating plants, radioactive slime, hungry Velociraptors, and volcanic lava. Who would have thought puzzles could be this exciting?