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Dictionary of Dinosaurs: An Illustrated A to Z of Every Dinosaur Ever Discovered

by Natural History Museum, Dieter Braun
SKU: 9780711290532

Find out about every dinosaur that’s ever been discovered in this Dictionary of Dinosaurs! From aardonyx to zuniceratops, read about where they lived, what they ate, and much more. Featuring firm favorites such as the T-rex, ankylosaurus, and triceratops, as well as lesser-known beasts like the baryonyx, rugops, and shanag, there’s no dino left behind in this A-Z. Each entry includes a fact file, scale diagram, Latin name, and pronunciation. Best of all, each page is filled with a colorful, eye-popping illustration of the dinosaur, in conjunction with the Natural History Museum in London, England. A ‘How to Use this Book’ page explains all you need to know for this to become your go-to guide to the dinosaur kingdom. The book also includes a timeline, showing which dinosaurs lived when and where, and how the Earth has changed over millions of years. Discover the different groups of dinosaurs, from ankylosaurs to titanosaurs. And find out how we even know about dinosaurs in the first place. Dinosaur-loving kids will love this fact-fueled dictionary, written by leading paleontologists from the Natural History Museum. Help your young dino expert become familiar with the alphabet as they flick through these colorful creatures with ease. Eye-catching and informative, it’s a fun and exciting addition to any child’s bookshelf.