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Eric Carle Card Game - Alphabet Go Fish

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Engaging Combination: Experience the delightful fusion of Go Fish and the beloved Very Hungry Caterpillar in a unique gameplay adventure. Pete the Cat Pizza Pie Game offers a fresh and exciting take on classic games, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for preschoolers.
Letter Learning Fun: Stimulate young minds as kids learn both upper and lowercase letters in a playful setting. The game contributes to early reading skills development, making it a valuable addition to early childhood education.
Object Pairing Education: Beyond letters, the Pete the Cat Pizza Pie Game teaches about object pairing. Foster cognitive development by introducing preschoolers to the concept of pairing objects, enhancing their ability to recognize patterns and connections.
Promotes Playful Learning: Make learning a joyful experience with a game that promotes fun and playful learning. Pete the Cat Pizza Pie Game creates an interactive environment where kids can absorb knowledge while enjoying themselves.
Ideal Screen-Free Activity: Step away from screens and engage kids in a perfect screen-free activity. The Pete the Cat Pizza Pie Game encourages hands-on play, fostering creativity and social interaction in a wholesome and educational manner.
Wholesome Family Game: Elevate family game nights with a wholesome game suitable for the entire family. The University Games Pete the Cat Pizza Pie Game is designed to create lasting memories and shared laughter for kids and adults alike.
Briarpatch Legacy: From Briarpatch, where learning and play intersect, comes a game that upholds the legacy of quality and educational focus. Trust in the Briarpatch brand to deliver a game that not only entertains but also contributes to the growth and development of young learners.
Activities game for preschoolers ages 3+

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