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Friend Ship

by Chuck Groenink, Kat Yeh
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SKU: 9781484707265

A fresh and heartwarming read-aloud favorite about friendship, adventure, and appreciating what you have. When Little Hedgehog hears about a mysterious Friend Ship that can help her no longer feel lonely, she sets off on a quest to find it. Hedgehog imagines a ship filled with friends of all kinds! How lovely! She braves the open seas in a boat of her own to track the ship down, and along her journey, she meets other lonely animals eager to find the Friend Ship as well. They search north. They search south. They search east. Hedgehog and her new friends can’t find the Ship anywhere! Until she realizes she knows just where the Friend Ship is. . . This comforting tale by Kat Yeh, with charming illustrations by Chuck Groenink, proves that sometimes, what you’re searching for is right in front of you.