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G.O.A.T. - Serena Williams: Making the Case for the Greatest of All Timevolume 2

by Tami Charles
SKU: 9781454932017

Who is the greatest tennis player of all time?Thisstunning book, filled to the brim with color photographs and interesting information, picks Serena Williams! G.O.A.T. is an acronym that stands for Greatest Of All Time–and it takes lifelong dedication, nonstop hard work, and undeniable, unbelievable talent even to be considered for that honor. Serena Williams is the most decorated female tennis player of all time. She’s been ranked #1 by the Women’s Tennis Association countless times since 2002, and no one holds more Grand Slam titles–not just as a single’s player, but also, with her sister Venus, in women’s doubles. Find out all about this powerhouse player and her dozens of amazing victories in this entertaining book that’s packed with stats, sidebars, and details about the athlete’s journey. Sports-crazed kids will love it.