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Impostor's Guide to Among Us (Independent & Unofficial): Essential Tips for Impostors and Crew

by Kevin Pettman
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SKU: 9781839350788

In this two-part, unofficial and independent guide to Among Us, you will learn how to spot impostors… and how to fool the team when you are one! With over half a million players a month, Among Us is one of the biggest online multiplayer social deduction games in the world. This book gives you all the best techniques for spotting the impostors in your crew. You’ll learn all about task checking, questioning, time management, teaming up, and loads of other excellent snooping skills. And then it’s time for the sneaky stuff! The Impostor’s Handbook section gives you all the tools you need to fool everyone and win the game. You can read about crafting alibis, faking task work, and lying with confidence. Together, they make the only guide to Among Us you’ll need – it’s the perfect read for anyone who wants to survive in space (or destroy everyone!)