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Inky's Amazing Escape: How a Very Smart Octopus Found His Way Home

by Amy Schimler-Safford, Sy Montgomery
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SKU: 9781534401914

“Montgomery’s expertise and the gorgeous illustrations make this a fine purchase for libraries serving early elementary students.” –School Library Journal “The mixed-media illustrations make good use of dynamic spreads, color, and texture–perfect for a book on a master of camouflage. Montgomery seamlessly incorporates interesting facts about octopuses into the narrative.” –Booklist Learn all about Inky the Octopus, an international sensation known for escaping from the New Zealand aquarium in April 2016, in this fascinating picture book from National Book Award nominee and octopus expert Sy Montgomery. Inky had been at the New Zealand aquarium since 2014 after being taken in by a fisherman who found him at sea. Inky had been getting used to his new environment, but the staff quickly figured out that he had to be kept amused or he would get bored. Then one night in 2016 Inky, about the size of a basketball, decided he’d had enough. He slithered eight feet across the floor and down a drainpipe more than 160 feet long to his home in the sea. Acclaimed author Sy Montogmery reminds readers that Inky didn’t escape–but instead, like the curious animal he is, wanted to explore the rest of the vast ocean he called his home.