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Junior Ninja Champion: The Competition Begins

by Catherine Hapka
$13.99 Sold Out
SKU: 9781328710581

For ninja fans everywhere, this action-packed adventure series brings five unlikely friends together to compete in the first-ever Junior Ninja competition. Izzy, Ty, Kevin, JJ, and Mackenzie don’t have a lot in common. But they have all seen the reality TV obstacle competition National Ninja Champion. When news breaks that there’s going to be a kids’ version of the show–and tryouts are just a few miles away–all five find themselves drawn to the obstacle course at Fit Kidz Gym. Before they know it, they’ve become a team–training together and helping one another overcome all kinds of obstacles as they compete for the title of Junior Ninja Champion. With lots of heart and edge-of-your-seat excitement, Junior Ninja Champion packs in the action of the competition along with all the ups and downs on the journey to making it. Who will secure a spot in the finals, and who will be named Junior Ninja Champion? Look for the sequel coming in January 2019!