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Lady and the Tramp: How Lady Met Tramp

by Elle Stephens
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SKU: 9781368059251

The Live Action remake of Lady and the Tramp on Disney+ is a faithful retelling of the classic animated film, set at the turn-of-the century against the gorgeous backdrop of Savannah, Georgia.All your favorite furry friends return-including Lady, Tramp, Jock, Trusty, and Peg. Voiced by a diverse and talented cast, look for a modern take on the classic song, “He’s a Tramp,” sung by Janelle Monaé. Enjoy the next in line of successful Live Action remakes of a beloved Disney animated film . . . only this time, on Disney+.The classic, beloved characters of Lady and the Tramp come to life in an all-new way through a humorous and sweet 24-page 8×8 paperback storybook that retells and expands upon the story Disney fans everywhere know and love. Includes poster!