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Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

by Adam Bray, John Sazaklis, Lorraine Cink, Sven Wilson
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SKU: 9781465452627

A feast of fun facts about the heroes and villains of the Marvel Comics Universe. How many lives has Spider-Man saved? How does Hulk floor foes without touching them? What keeps Wolverine looking young? How did a frog gain Thor’s superpowers? Marvel fans of all ages will find plenty of incredible info and uncanny trivia to astonish, intrigue, and entertain in Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know! It’s packed with handy facts, quotes, bizarre-but-true tales, and quirky insights into your favorite Marvel characters. Discover their most heroic achievements, their most dastardly deeds, their craziest adventures–and also their worst disasters!(c) 2016 MARVEL