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Me and You in a Book Made for Two

by Jean Reidy, Joey Chou
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SKU: 9780063041516

From Jean Reidy and Joey Chou, comes a picture book about the joy of sharing your story with a friend or someone special. Twice the adventure! Double the fun!An excellent read-aloud to be shared again and again, Me and You in a Book Made for Two puts kids at the forefront and asks them to be the authors of their own stories. With its empowering and aspirational themes that celebrate the power of friendship, collaboration, and teamwork, this book fits the canon of timeless, classic books about how we’re stronger together than we are apart.What would we do in a book, me and you? Would we repaint the world, and the universe too? Would we seesaw on stars while we take in the view? There are no limits to what we can do in a book made for TWO. So here we go–take my hand. And imagine all WE can do, me and you!