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Minecraft Master Builder World Tour (Independent & Unofficial): A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Masterpieces Inspired by Buildings from Around the Wo

by Juliet Stanley
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SKU: 9781783123360

See how to create your own Minecraft masterpieces inspired by real-life buildings and structures from around the world! Thanks to this truly interactive, step-by-step guide, aspiring master builders can make amazing structures that push the limits of the imagination. From theaters to bridges, every masterpiece here is based on a real construction. Travel to five continents to erect an African palace, an Asian pagoda, a European clock tower, an Australian beach hut, an American diner–and, for a world-class difficult project, an entire mountain village. You’ll get plenty of tricks and tips from expert Minecrafters to help you improve your skills, along with enough fun facts and trivia to delight any Minecraft fan!