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Noisy Puddle: A Vernal Pool Through the Seasons

by Linda Booth Sweeney, Miki Sato
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SKU: 9781771475310

A lyrical dip into the noisy, magical world of a vernal poolIn this vibrant and poetic informational picture book, two curious siblings observe the hidden world of a vernal pool: a special kind of puddle habitat that pops up in the spring, dries up by summer, reappears in the fall, and freezes over in the winter–only to come back again in the spring.Young naturalists and future water stewards will be encouraged to listen, watch, and wait to witness the seasonal changes of the ever-changing puddle and its inhabitants. As readers follow along with the rhythmic text, they will be fascinated to discover many familiar and not-so-familiar creatures that make up the surprising web of interrelationships living in these vital pop-up pools. With buoyant, lyrical text and beautiful cut-paper collage illustrations, The Noisy Puddle is an immersive introduction to “now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t” wetland habitats.