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Pip and Zip

by Elana K. Arnold, Doug Salati
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SKU: 9781250796981

A family finds two abandoned duck eggs and are in for a big (and very cute) surprise in this story that is reminiscent of LeUyen Pham’s Outside Inside, from award-winning author Elana K. Arnold and charmingly illustrated by Doug Salati. Once, when we all had to stay home for the whole long springtime, When schools were closed And work was closed And everything fun was canceled After we were all so bored of TV And computers And video games And screens of every kind Dad said, “Let’s take a walk.” On this walk, the family discovers two abandoned duck eggs and takes them home to wait for them to hatch. They read and learn and laugh together until one day… Pip and Zip are born! This spirited, comforting story of family, love, and ducks will stay with you for years to come.